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Letters to the Editor: 01 October, 2019

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International day of nonviolence

Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday, popularly known as Gandhi Jayanti, is observed on October 2nd every year to mark the birth anniversary of the Indian freedom fighter and activist, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The day is also observed as the “International day of non-violence”, encouraging non-violence and harmony among the citizens of India and the world.

Jubel D’Cruz


CBI probe permitted by CJI against former Madras CJ Justice Tahilramani

It refers to TOI report dated September 30, 2019 about Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi asking Central Bureau of Investigation CBI to take action as per law against former Chief Justice of Madras High Court Vijaya Kamlesh Tahilramani into allegations against her including alleged irregularities in purchase of two flats at outskirts of Chennai from HDFC bank-loan of rupees 1.62 crores and rupees 1.56 crores from bank-accounts of family-members as per report of Intelligence Bureau submitted following her recent resignation from the post on September 6, 2019. TOI-report also suggests certain other alleged irregularities also against her. Rs 1.56 crores now-a-days is not such a big amount compiled through bank-accounts of various family-members, even which can be scrutinized by Income Tax authorities in normal course.

Media-reports suggest that she resigned because Supreme Court collegiums declined to accept her request for reconsideration of her transfer to Meghalaya High Court, which was considered as a sort of step-down from one of the biggest and oldest High Courts.

Big question is if a sitting Chief Justice of a big High Court faces a sort of demotion through transfer to some small High Court, are High Courts of smaller states considered as a sort of dumping-ground for judges facing allegations. If reports of allegations need probe, that should be ordered publicly through In-House procedure already existing at Supreme Court. Any transfer-posting or action may be taken only after report of In-House committee is made public.

It is high time that reports of Supreme Court collegiums are made public, and even sitting judges indicted by In-House committee of Supreme Court be probed and punished like normal citizens rather than totally impractical and cumbersome procedure through impeachment by Parliament.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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