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Letters to the Editor: 03 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Does it really matter to us who is the CM of Maharashtra?

Whether it is Devendra Fadnavis or Uddhav Thackeray? I am not a supporter of any political party

Life of a common man would remain the same at ground level. The misery and hardship in every step of his life will remain the same.  Well! the list is endless , just to name a few :

  • Extreme weather and global warming at its peak. It is almost December and we are still feeling the scorching heat.
  • Potholes across the city because of which most of us have developed backbone issues regardless of the age.
  • Garbage, filthiness and pollution all around us.
  • To make things worse – Trees getting cut , worsening not only the environment but also the beauty of the nature.
  • Floods in every rainy season, a special mention that our city is still running on the ancient drainage system that the Britishers had built decades back. This needs to be upgraded and maintained to manage a densely populated city and the rains.
  • Bribery: Most of the government officials do not proceed till we fill their pockets with vitamin M
  • Timelines to complete the projects ( Metro, flyover and redevelopment projects ) are uncertain.
  • Problems of clean drinking water, medical facilities, elderly assistance, female foeticide, and women’s safety are not addressed as required.
  • Ban on plastics could be dealt in a better way incepting the substitute first.
  • Aren’t the leaders supposed to help and address these issues rather than debating on religion, fighting and belittling other parties.
  • As a true citizen of India, I vote diligently in every election, but today I feel cheated as our day to day issues are worsening, and the politicians are just concerned about their power, position and money (which ultimately belongs to us tax payers) to sum up. I request the leaders to address these issues and work towards solutions, not forgetting that you are in power because of  our votes.

S.N. Kabra


Delhi Police unnecessarily targeted for death of three boys

It is indeed regretful that Delhi Police is being unnecessarily targeted for death of three boys killed near Turkman Gate in Delhi on night of November 30 when their speeding bike hit a pole during their joy-ride. It is significant that the three boys broke all traffic-rules by having three riders on a bike that too all without helmets and overspeed. It may also be possible that the killed boys might have been minors.

Fault lies with parents of the three killed boys who did not care to control their children for such unlawful scooter-ride. Delhi witnesses havoc created by bikers on busy roads including in high security-zone of Leyton Delhi with parents enjoying driving-skill of their children by violating all traffic-rules.

Higher authorities in Delhi should issue necessary notifications giving Delhi Police clean chit in the matter to keep their morals high so that they may perform their duties well during annual feature of creating havoc by bikers violating all traffic-rules and creating fear amongst road-users at night-hours.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Punish rapists

After New Delhi Nirbhaya case, may be many other unfortunate cases have occurred in India, but this incident in Hyderabad has created sensation across the country. I suggest these rapists should be punished immediately and if legal system approves their hanging no mercy should be shown and after making video of few minutes should be made viral so that other rapists can learn a lesson. I also suggest all ladies going out of home should carry strong chilly powder which tactfully can be thrown to the eyes of the rapists. There may be Police teams to save women but for immediate recourse is chilly powder. I also suggest parents to train their girls in Karate etc from childhood. Prevention is the best option rather than the sufferings.

Jayanthi Mani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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