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Letters to the Editor: 03 July, 2019

Letters to the Editor: 03 July, 2019

Decision worth to follow for Muslim artistes

Actress Zaira Wasim, who earned fame through Hindi film ‘Dangal’, has posted on social media that she would not join the film industry. She has stated that she has gone away from Islam since she became an actress and she wanted to cut short that distance now, by taking such a decision.

It must be the first example in the film industry because no other Muslim actor or actress seems to have done so, till now. ‘Khans’ have a special hold over Bollywood. Watching the film is against Islam. Therefore, the question is why are these ‘Khans’ and Muslim actresses going against their religion by working in films? These people wear special attire when they go to their prayer-houses. It means that they follow their religion meticulously. The other question, therefore, is why are they giving less importance to the point related to the film world? Isn’t it worth learning for the Muslim artistes who have spent several years working in the film world, from an artist from own community, spending just about five years in the film world?

Manasi Joshi

Don’t set up Ganesh idol sale-centres at inappropriate places!

Ganesh Chaturthi is just two months away and centres are coming up for the making of Ganesh idols and for the sale of idols made privately. Sculptors as also traders need to approach the Municipality for permission every year, for erecting such centres. Permission is generally granted to open such centres at places where they would not obstruct traffic. Therefore, in some areas, permission is granted for erecting such centres near public garbage bins or near nullahs.

Ganesh festival is a matter of faith and preparations are made by devotees for the arrival of Shri Ganesh and for welcoming Him and His stay as if He would really visit our house. Any Ganesh devotee would, therefore, feel bad to see his object of faith kept near a garbage bin or nullah. Though divinity in the idol is invoked only after consecration, still keeping Ganesh-idols at such inauspicious places is an insult of Shri Ganesh; therefore, sculptors of Shri Ganesh idols and traders should avoid erecting sale-centres at inappropriate places.

Naresh Gharat


Vile Parle or Ville Parle?

Vile Parle railway station in Mumbai has got two spellings. In some places on the diamonds, it is Ville Parle and at other places on the diamonds, it is Vile Parle.

Who is going to correct this error? The correct name of the station is Vile Parle.

Jubel D’Cruz


Is it fair?

It refers to welcome anger openly expressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi without mincing words on the unlawful conduct and adamant attitude even after being released on bail of Akash Vijayvargiya who hit news-headlines on bat-beating of a dutiful officer in Indore.

However, big question why national and state leadership did not take instant action against the culprit by his instant expulsion from the party without waiting for Prime Minister expressing his anger. If only one man has to run both party and governance, then there is no need for decorative leadership in ruling BJP. Action is also necessary against the state BJP-leadership which kept himself in the defensive mode only because the culprit happens to be a son of hi-fi BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya. Even the anger of Prime Minister could not result in instant same-day expulsion of Akash Vijayvargiya from the party.

Madhu Agrawal


Strongest action required

Majority of the Hindu community in Delhi cutting across party-lines is in full anger on regretful silence of non-BJP politicians on the attack by a mob on a Hindu temple in old Delhi area on midnight of June 30, 2019, and July 1, 2019. Such minority-appeasing vote-bank based political silence will instead polarise Hindu votes with BJP for a repeat massive win in forthcoming elections to Delhi state-assembly. Till now, only three miscreants including a minor are taken into custody; they first beat a Hindu family before mobilising a mob to attack the Hindu temple. Nabbed miscreants should be put under stiff-most interrogation to name others in the attacking mob. Pseudo-secular award-return gang and self-acclaimed intellectuals knocking Supreme Court in midnight for stopping the hanging of terrorists are also as usual silent.

Much is being talked-about the alleged exodus of Hindus from Meerut in UP. However, nobody has noted the drastic change in the demography of mixed-population areas of Delhi. An example is Churiwalan where elite rich Hindu families lived as a part of mixed Hindu-Muslim population till some decades back, but, the Hindu families have left many such mixed-population localities of old Delhi now converting these into purely Muslim localities.

Enquiry from all possible angles including funding-source is necessary for major renovation in almost all the mosques in Delhi which also includes unauthorised encroachment of public-land including footpaths and roads with gross violation of building norms. All such encroachments and building in violation of norms without seeking the permission of concerned agencies should be pulled down with cost involved recovered from those violation norms.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

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