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Letters to the Editor: 06 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Lawmakers must not endorse mob lynching

It was appalling to see a Rajya Sabha MP demanding the public lynching of the rapists of the veterinarian in Hyderabad. Lawmakers cannot normalize a crime like mob lynching by endorsing it especially at a time when it is plaguing the nation at large. The commoners have faith in the judiciary to render justice to the rape victims. Our democracy should not be reduced to a mobocracy.

Adrian David


Massive review without substance

As in the past, the change in chair is just causing delay in administration as Uddhav Thackeray is trying to make mole out mountain and it appears rather childish. This is due to insistence of the coalition partners. If Shiv Sena is going to act as a fact finding committee for the rest of the year, the state will go backward only. Already, BMC is suffering at the hands of Sena with its dialysis unit shut down and already claimed one victim. The Corporation failed to prevent dog menace and mosquito menace is causing number of malaria and dengue cases in the state. Even the BMC hospitals are ill equipped to treat serious cases. Why then this Kolaveri di to stop payments for all the developmental work. Both BMC and the state should not suffer under the hands of Sena.

Calicut Krishnan Ramani

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