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Letters to the Editor: 08 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Kudos to Telangana police for quick justice in Disha rape-murder case

It was indeed heartening to witness school-girls from school-buses cheering Telangana Police for quick justice done in recent horrible rape-cum-murder case of veterinary doctor in Hyderabad. BSP supremo Mayawati deserves all compliments for echoing public-voice in demanding UP Police to follow Telangana Police hinting at recent Unnao episode where rape-accused released on bail tried to burn alive the rape-victim.

Chief Justice of India should order probe in role of magistrate, police-lawyers and police-persons involved in recent Unnao-case where rape-accused were given easy bail to make them burn alive the rape-victim who is now battling for life. All these persons should be suspended till probe is over with strict-most action and punishment, to be a lesson for others.

Our poor-most justice-delivery-system is responsible when time may not be far when people may start taking law in hands when rapist Akku Yadav was lynched to death by about 200 women on August 13, 2004 outside court-room in Nagpur because of poor justice-delivery-system which grants easy bail to rapists.

President of India should wake up to immediately reject mercy-petitions of infamous Nirbhaya rape-accused so that countrymen may celebrate their hanging on coming 16th December, the date on which heinous crime was committed.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Humanity in our country has gone for toss

Newborn flung down from a Kandivali high-rise comes as a shock. Humanity in our country has gone for a toss and killing of newborn babies is a heinous crime more cruel than even rapes and molestations. Unplanned babies could be the reason for such action and family planning methods should be popularised so that crimes of such nature are reduced. Security at high-rise buildings too should be beefed up so that such actions come under the scanner through CCTV cameras.

Education too is the need of the hour and citizens should be god fearing as taking human life is criminality against the Almighty. The shocking incident needs to be investigated fully so that the guilty can be punished appropriately.

S.N. Kabra


Congress should not oppose Citizenship Amendment Bill

 Union Cabinet deserves all compliments for approving Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 which allows people of all religions other than Muslims, easy access to Indian citizenship. Everyone knows that Hindus who are mainly limited to India and Nepal are facing worst torture in Islamic nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh as minority-community there are forcing them to flee to India. Same is situation with Christians in Pakistan. Central government has thus played a perfect secular role in opening its doors for people of all religions facing torture in Islamic countries.

Congress which was instrumental in creating divided India on basis of religion has no right in opposing the Bill in its usual policy of pseudo-secularism. How can people of Muslim community from countries like Myanmar can be allowed to enter India when that country has itself become victim of Rohingya Muslims. Likewise Bangladeshi Muslims came to India only because of better living here, but are manly involved in anti-social and criminal activities. As such all accounts, decision of Union Cabinet is based on practical aspects. Indian Muslims are enjoying equal rights and better livelihood here, being the proof that Muslims from neighboring Islamic nations Pakistan and Bangladesh want to come to India, which must be stopped.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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