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Letters to the Editor: 1 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Dream comes true for Uddhav Thackeray

It was a dream come true for Uddhav Thackeray as he took oath as Chief Minister of Maharashtra. Ace wildlife photographer and a reluctant politician, Uddhav’s journey in politics have been dramatic and memorable. Raj Thackeray was the natural choice for Bal Thackeray’s legacy but Uddhav was destined to make it big in the world of politics and here he is in the hot seat in Maharashtra Assembly and also the first Thackeray to hold an ministerial post.

Uddhav’s son Aaditya also became the first Thackeray to enter electoral politics and he too made a winning debut from Worli constituency. Uddhav’s entry into Mantralaya may have been controversial but let us hope the unholy alliance of Sena-NCP-Congress is able to fulfill the promises they have made to the people. BJP, I am sure would be waiting at the sidelines to pounce on the first available opportunity to dismantle the ruling alliance and Maharashtra politics would be interesting and ‘lively’ from here on.



Take stringent action against rapist

System has not improved even after infamous 16-12 Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder of Delhi with country witnessing again similar episode now in Hyderabad on November 28 of a young lady doctor Priyanka Reddy whose scooter was reportedly punctured to aim the victim for rape-cum-murder by a group of persons. Self-termed human-right activists avoided having candle-march in New Delhi for obvious reasons. Telangana minister deserves to be condemned for his statement blaming the victim for not calling police.

Bitter fact is very weak system of the country where convicted persons of Nirbhaya-episode were reminded about filing last date of mercy-petition to further delay death-sentence awarded to them after time-consuming long court-battle. Such faulty system assisting convicts in every possible manner is responsible for such increased crimes.

Since main culprit and his associates have been arrested for recent Hyderabad incident, system should be refined immediately so as to finish formality of court-battle at every stage on day-to-day basis to be completed in a time-bound period to ensure final hanging till death say within three years of crime to be gradually reduced to one year. It may be made compulsory to grant mercy only on consent by family-members of the victim.

Madhu Agrawal


Pawar’s power play

The Maharashtra high voltage drama  has for the time being come to an end. The allied triumvirate of Shiv Sena, NCP and Congress has finally got the helm of the state. The political thriller had the public and the media at the edge of the seat all these days with a numerous spine chilling scenes with heavy dose of suspense, excitement and melodrama and above all a big cast of leaders whose enactment made each day right from the day of the election results to the oath taking ceremony a must watch event. In this unforgettable drama the one who has overshadowed all the rest is definitely Sharad Pawar, whose astute power play, his years of experience and sharp wit has once again proved what a powerful politician he is. It seems as if the “Chanakyas”  of the BJP -the Modi-Shah duo – has been eclipsed (for now) in the glow of the Maratha power politician whose brilliant and wily  moves bore fruitful for the birth of a triumvirate  – completely different in ideologies but united  for  achieving power. The Shiv Sena is now on a piggy back ride and any mistake or faulty move from their side can result in a topple which once again will  give ample chance for the NCP to play things according to their way and carve a niche in the national political arena, thanks to the lackadaisical attitude of the Congress party. The drama is not going to end here as  the BJP  though at present seems to have moved out of the scene ,is sure to return with double force and that too with all sorts of political craftiness and calculation. Until then let us hope that the newly formed government come out with people friendly deeds and work hard for the common man.

M Pradyu


Provide basic amenities to jawans

 There is no arrangement of drinking water for Jawans even after making multiple requests to Civil Authorities. Since two toilets were not sufficient for CRPF jawans, civil police built one toilet block by using bamboo and black polythene. The government should provide basic amenities to jawans.

Arif Mahfooz


Good initiative by Bengaluru Traffic Police

The understaffed and overworked Bengaluru Traffic Police have come up with yet another novel initiative to get motorists to follow traffic rules and observe lane discipline. They have installed as many as 200 life-sized mannequins at troublesome junctions in Bengaluru. The hope is that the mannequins, dressed as traffic police, will deter repeat offenders. The idea is along the lines of farmers using scarecrows to discourage birds from destroying their crops.

Niyaz Qasmi 


Questionable encounter by UP police

Alleged clerical error in an FIR has turned an encounter case on its head in Meerut’s Teharki village. On October 17, Sheman Khan, 20, was shot by the U.P. police in an alleged encounter at Kankar Khera area. Khan was shot at during an “encounter” and a stolen mobile phone, a sports bike, a country-made pistol and cartridges were recovered from him. It is regretful that UP police destroyed a person’s life by misusing khaki uniform.

M.H. Magdi

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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