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Letters to the Editor: 11 August, 2019

Revoke passports of people who tarnish India’s image abroad

The incident may have happened in Bali, Indonesia but the tourist who stuffed his suitcases with stolen hotel property has tarnished our country’s image globally after the video went viral and needs to be punished by our government. Every Indian tourist would now be looked down with suspicion abroad which truly is a pity. Passport of people who misbehave abroad or break the laws in foreign land should be cancelled on return so that it acts as a stern lesson for other people of their tribe. They should also be shamed on return by making their pictures public to face humiliation which would have a bigger impact than fines or penalties.

Indian’s are penny wise and pound foolish as they spend exorbitant sums on foreign holidays but end up tarnishing their image with petty acts that are shameful. Education is the need of the hour. Foreign affairs ministry should issue clear cut guidelines on the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ while travelling abroad with heavy fines and penalties for those who break them. The video that went viral would act as a lesson for most to behave rationally not just while touring abroad but within the country as well

S.N. Kabra


Stop unwanted acts of indecency

Rain or shine the monsoon rains in Maharashtra is providing space and time for making mockery to State Water Resources minister Girish Mahajan to combine disaster trek with selfies with a smile when people are suffering in the flood hit areas. Thus ministers instead of reviewing rescue and relief operations in Kolhapur and Sangli escalated and precipitating public wrath with silly acts. It is high time the BJP High Command should issue strict strictures on the behaviour of ministers holding responsible post. Smiling and waving while visiting flood hit areas showed their cheap behaviour and that not only caused embarrassment to the Prime Minister and his council of ministers. There should be a full stop for all such unwanted acts of indecency. Seriousness of BJP minister and government officials should become sensible rather than making a show all the time with selfies and smile. The show must go on but not to this extent.

Calicut Ramanathan Ramani


Rising crimes in Delhi

It refers to media-reports wherein it was reported that nine more members of a notorious gang headed by a gangster presently lodged in Tihar Jail of Delhi were arrested by Delhi Police because of its unmatched capability and strategy for which Delhi Police deserves full compliments. Media-reports also revealed that the gang-leader operated all types of criminal activities inside from Tihar Jail through a foreign mobile-number especially taken to connect all gang-members through a Whatsapp group operated from the mobile-number.

Shocking surprise is that gang-activities continue because of an extremely slow Justice-Delivery-System which prevented quick-most punishment to the gang-leader that too he has benefit of further delaying punishment because of opportunity available to him to approach later court-stages till Supreme Court. Delhi Police Commissioner should better write to Chief Justice of India for earliest punishment to the gang-leader crossing all stages of appeals in higher courts. There should also be a system where advocates contesting cases of such criminals may also be kept under strong vigil of various agencies in a manner that advocates may not take cases of such known criminals. Members of public harassed by such gang-members should be free to approach concerned senior-level police-authorities to make verbal submissions to avoid danger to life from gang-members not in jail.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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