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Letters to the Editor: 11 December, 2019

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The victory of the BJP and that too in a stupendous manner in the Karnataka by poll goes to show that the people especially the commoners still believe in the leadership of the party and they are positive that the outfit will deliver what the common man wants. The ruling BJP on Monday had swept the Assembly by polls in Karnataka winning 12 of the 15 seats to help the four-month-old Yediyurappa government retain majority. The victory in fact comes as a breather and a morale booster for the saffron party after its recent setback in Maharashtra. The results also expose the pathetic picture of the Congress winning only two seats and it has lead to the resignation of two of its stalwarts Siddaramaiah and Dinesh Gundu Rao. The oldest party didn’t foresee such a plight as it thought that the ” script ”  worked in Maharashtra may do wonders in Karnataka, only to get dismayed that such ‘ piggy ride ‘ and  “odd coalition”  strategies  do not work often and it is high time it goes for a mighty revamp or else go into oblivion. For the BJP this is a good lesson and the leadership must now fulfill the promise and pledges given to the people. The saffron party has to realise that in spite of severe criticism on Article 370, Citizenship (Amendment) Bill , economical crisis and price hike still the people supported BJP as they do believe that the party can fulfill their hopes and wishes. The leaders of the party must not get conceited and vainglorious and it is high time for the party and it’s helmsmen both in the state and the centre,  to really feel the pulse beating of the people and try their level best to mitigate the woes of the citizens.

M Pradyu


Provision of filing time-consuming mercy-petitions should be abolished

Supreme Court should instead of wasting precious court-timings on hearing a review-petition by last of the four convicts in infamous Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder case, should rather impose exemplary cost on filing a review-petition on totally baseless grounds like likely auto-death by pollution and reduced life-expectancy in present era as compared to millions of years ago. Notably Supreme Court has already dismissed review-petitions on death-sentence filed by other three convicts in the case.

Even setting up of fast-track court in the matter took seven long years on likelihood of the four convicts to be hanged to death in near future. Since before Supreme Court, the matter has crossed two stages of trials at trial-court and High Court with both of these confirming death-sentence, it is grossly unjustified to defer the matter further in name of review. System should be to allow filing of review-petition on death-penalty earlier confirmed by the Supreme Court only in cases where either of trial-court or High Court might not have concurred with Supreme Court. Provision of filing time-consuming mercy-petitions should be altogether abolished. Some early and extra hangings that too to deserving ones will practically save lives of many more by preventing rapes and murders as criminals will then only be fearful against death-penalty.

Madhu Agrawal


Fielding is key to success in T-20 games

Every run counts in a format that is limited to 20 over games. Captain Virat Kohli has reasons to be frustrated as our teams fielding has not been upto the mark and this can cause India dearly in next year’s T20 World Cup. Perhaps the boys are playing too much cricket and they show lack of efforts due to fatigue. Physical conditioning camp too is important to test agility and mental balance.

We have a good batting and bowling unit but we need a good fielding coach like Jonty Rhodes to keep the boys on their toes all time. Every run saved is like an extra run scored and Kohli who himself is an fitness fanatic apart from being an excellent fielder should work on his teams fielding abilities as margin of error in fielding department if substantial can cost India many matches in T-20 tournaments!


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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