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Letters to the Editor: 12 December, 2019

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It is good to hear from Delhi government that it is going to install 11,000 hotspots across Delhi to provide free Wi­-Fi Internet. Government announced that the people of Delhi will be able to locate a Wi­Fi connection after every 500 metres, with the hotspot connections supporting a radius of 100 metres. Every user will get free 15 GB data per month, with a data limit of 1.5 GB per day. This is scheme is extremely useful.

M Qasmi Nadwi 


Human development index

That India ranks 129th among 189 countries in the human development index compiled by the United Nations Development Programme is not a major surprise, nor that it is still ahead of other South Asian countries. Yet, there are some positive facets that deserve to be noted. One, the difference between India’s rank on per capita income and that on human development is negative. It means that India ranks, admittedly among several nations, higher on human development than on income. The 2019 Human Development Report is a fairly political document. It is urgent to tackle inequality, even as poverty comes down and the gap between basic development indicators such as life expectancy at birth narrows across the world. The data show that with one-third the expenditure India makes, as a proportion of GDP, on education, Bangladesh makes comparable achievements on several fronts.

Tarique Ansari


Parking fine is looting innocent citizens in broad daylight

Last week, I received two parking fine challans in a matter of 17 minutes for a parking infringement when the car was stationed at the same place. Rules specify that a parking infringement fine is valid for 60 minutes and that is what I was told by the traffic police official who told me to contact the RTO office. The incident occurred at Lokhandwala but contacting the RTO helpline number is a problem and one has to run from pillar to post at RTO office to get problems solved.

RTO rules need to be followed but that doesn’t mean motorists should be targeted for revenue generation to meet targets. RTO officials should educate citizens to follow rules but they themselves don’t follow them and infact hide at strategic locations to penalise motorists even when the signal has just turned Orange



Pakistan opposes Citizenship Amendment Bill

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has once again exhibited his immaturity when he unnecessarily interfered in internal matters of India by opposing Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by Lok Sabha in India. If he thinks that Muslims in India are facing problems, then he can legislate some similar Bill in Pakistan Parliament to open doors of his country for desiring Indian Muslims.

Fact is that Pakistan Prime Minister is very well aware that in case the Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by Lok Sabha includes Muslims from other nations, then perhaps there will be a flood of Pakistani Muslims rushing to India because Muslims in India are enjoying much-much better life than their counterparts in Pakistan.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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