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Letters to the Editor: 14 August, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1545637164261Rajinikanth’s statement on Kashmir

Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for the government’s bold move on Mission Kashmir. He also equated the Modi-Shah combine to Lord Krishna-Arjuna. Rajinikanth makes a strong statement and it has become a popular like his punch dialogues. He went to reiterate and add hats off to Home Minister Amit Shah for ‘Mission Kashmir’ operations and my wholehearted congratulations for the feat. The way it was handed was exemplary and the speech you delivered while tabling the bill was fantastic lauding the duo for abrogating Article 370 and reorganisation of the state, stripping it of its statehood. While commending the duo, the Tamil superstar wriggled out of identifying as to who was Krishna and who Arjuna while speaking at the launch of a book on the two years in office of Vice President Venkaiah Naidu. With Rajinikanth strong statement South seems to side BJP slowly.

Gundu K Maniam


Persistent potholes problems

It has been raining misery in Mumbai in the last few days. As trees come falling down, drains overflow, power lines snap and roads get inundated, motorists encounter one more danger lurking on their paths: the ubiquitous potholes. Potholes are the city’s old foes. Several deadlines have been fixed and missed, but these craters have made a comeback. Social media has been abuzz with citizens complaining about the risk they pose. We have all heard and read the idiom ‘Promise the Moon’ and it means to promise something that is extravagant or going out of the way to do something for someone.

Nickhil Mani


Incomplete SMSs by IT Department creates unnecessary tension

Income Tax Department is sending repeated SMSs on mobile-numbers of all those registered with the Department with TAN numbers for deducting tax at source cautioning about imposition of penalty of rupees 200 per day for not filing quarterly TDS statements. But such filing of TDS statements is compulsory only for those having deducted tax-at-source in some particular quarter. Such SMSs unnecessarily create panic amongst those who are not to file TDS statements because of not having deducted tax-at-source in some particular quarter. Income Tax Department should modify SMS to add that such TDS statements are to be filed by only those TAN-number holders who might have deducted tax-at-source in some particular quarter.

Moreover irrational penalty of rupees 200 per day is advantageous for those where TDS amount is much higher and interest for delayed deposit of TDS may exceed rupees 200 per day. But on the contrary, such amount of rupees 200 per day is highly excessive and reasonable for those having defaulted for deposit of some small amount of tax-deducted. Penalty of rupees 200 per day should be changed to say 3-percent per month of delayed deposit of TDS amount.

 Best is to merge TAN with PAN (Permanent account Number) where PAN holders may be filing quarterly TDS statement for deposit of Tax-Deposited-at-Source by PAN holders. Filing of such quarterly TDS statements (if applicable for some quarter) may be a part of Income Tax Return and audit-reports if applicable.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Why this hue and cry over prices?

Two boiled eggs for Rs.1700 or 2 bananas for Rs 442 may sound exorbitant but it is not cost of things you eat at a five star luxurious hotel that counts but that includes the rent, ambience and the services provided by these establishments apart from hospitality given to their clientele. A coffee at these places may cost over Rs.600 but people sometimes spend 3-4 hours at these places just to have a cup of coffee over a business meeting. The hue and cry over these charges on social media is unwarranted. One should make sure what one pays before ordering than create a controversy after they are presented the bill.

Luxurious public properties have exorbitant expenses as well. Hundreds  are hired to give service to few people at times. The government too collects exorbitant taxes from them which is the reason why dining at these establishments will always be expensive!

S.N. Kabra


LPG subsidy should be provided only on basis of affidavits

Subsidy for LPG is for families having combined income of rupees ten lakhs per annum with central government appealing those above the stipulated income-limit to voluntarily surrender subsidy. But instead of expecting voluntary surrender, Union Petroleum Ministry should ask to submit affidavits regarding total family-income to avail subsidy. This will drastically reduce LPG subsidy-burden on the exchequer because those not having voluntarily surrendered subsidy will then avoid filing wrong affidavits to get subsidy.

Net payable price including of all central and local taxes should be rounded in multiples of rupees ten or fifty, because delivery-persons never return balance-money. System will further reduce financial-burden on the exchequer because of LPG subsidy. At least LPG, if not petrol and diesel, can be brought under GST network for uniformity of prices throughout the country.

New-look translucent LPG cylinders made of fibre-glass ensuring tamperproof full-load supply of LPG gas per cylinders should replace old iron-cylinders with iron-cylinders discontinued to be manufactured in future.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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