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Letters to the Editor: 14 June, 2019

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BJP government should focus on governance

As the nation has now given a clear mandate to BJP ruled NDA and its allies, it is high time now that the majority party in power puts the country’s focus quickly back on track. The governance and development issues which had taken a back seat for over two months, owing to enforcement of Model Code of Conduct, now need an immediate attention. The pomp and glory of victory should immediately subside by giving due importance to further necessary steps to quickly form the government.

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The steps related to mammoth cabinet formation, ministries berth allocation, appointment of key officers to various ministries to spearhead the departments and also to fast-tack various on-going development programmes/ welfare schemes should be done fast. The nation now has no time to patiently wait for ceremonies and celebrations, apart from expecting a delay through routine transfers within the government machinery,  that happens post the declaration of an every election result. Such a delay further jeopardizes a common voter’s morale on the ground w.r.t. day to day functioning of the machinery.

The incumbent government should now set an example of moving to business as usual quickly, which is now an easy task to NDA upon its second successive win. Many core issues now need an immediate attention including working out a strategy on oil import with Iran and sanctions imposed by US, clarifying the stand on distorted unemployment data, impeding agrarian crisis and much more. The quick government formation move will only help to keep the voters highly informed without anticipating much delay and ensure that the nation limps back to normalcy in a quick succession.

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Varun Dambal


Govt should probe role of rating agencies

The role of rating agencies should come under the scanner of the government and the regulator. Most of the ‘downgrades’ by this agencies are made after the event when stock prices have already fallen and bottomed out leaving shareholders no room to exit. These very agencies upgrade stocks at their own whims and fancies without any reason which fools the public into a world of Ethiopia which suddenly comes crashing down overnight as events of corporate mismanagement unfolds over a period of time.

Even Corporate governance has become a big issue. CEO of companies do very well as far as their personal investments are concerned but companies they head bleed and they exit those companies one fine morning. Reliance Capital is in the doldrums but their executive who were at the helm and now exited are doing very well. The roles of CEO’s and MD’s along with top management team too should be monitored by the regulator.

S.N. Kabra


Why human rights activists are silent on rape incident?

 It refers to horrible rape-cum-murder of a little 3-year old girl-child by some persons last week. Only a few days ago, a young businessman was murdered with help of his family-members in Delhi only because the victim went to house of killers to request for not being involved in eve-teasing of his daughter. A dog-owner and his associates in South-West Delhi killed a youth when the victims refused to apologies to pet dog of the killer.

Surprisingly those making Apex Court sit in mid-night in advocacy of death-sentence accused or those having candle-light march or returning awards in name of human-rights observe are silent on such brutal killings of innocent ones. Activities of all such self-acclaimed human-rights activists should be under surveillance in a manner so that they may not even think of making any kind of protests in name of human-rights for self-publicity and encouraging lawlessness including rapes and murders.

Uniform Civil Code should be implemented where Islamic law may be adopted for instant and severe-most punishment at least for crimes attracting death-sentence. Presently all cases attracting death-sentence must be finished in most supersonic manner from trial-court till disposal of mercy-petition by President of India including all in-between stages at High Court and Supreme Court to ensure that final execution of death-sentence may be done maximum within six-months of committing crime. Only such a system can create much-desired fear-psychology to drastically reduce crimes attracting death-sentence.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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