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Letters to the Editor: 14 October, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,It’s time to show respect to our pets and stray animals

We celebrated World Animal Day on October 4. I am sure some of us may not even be aware of this day. It is a reminder for us to treat our pets, and even stray animals with respect. But that’s not the case. If we look around on our highways, and even internal roads, all these are infested with stray cattle and dogs. That’s no way to show respect to these animals. It’s like we have disowned them. Animals enrich ourselves in ways we don’t even know.

Jubel D’Cruz


Take step to prevent suicides

It is high time the global community take serious of suicides and find immediate steps and execute actions so as to save  precious lives which otherwise sadly are  self destroyed. In India too the number of suicide cases are more than those  happening due to accidents. It is also alarming to note that according to a survey in India, suicide was the leading cause of death among teens and those in their 20s  and 30s. Suicides are committed irrespective of age and gender and the main factors that lead to such  shocking self destroying tendencies  is not only mental illness or depression but  also due to personal, economical and social issues which if  spotted, dealt and handled carefully  and diligently would save so many lives The government should  take necessary  steps so as NGOs, mental health organisations and institutions are given necessary support so as to at least make individuals in distress get convinced that they can open up and get immediate advice and help. This definitely to an extent can win the trust of individuals and prevent many from committing suicides. Educational institutions and welfare organisations can also do a vital role in this matter.

M Pradyu


Old wine in new bottle

Sena Manifesto is nothing new and it is once again old wine in new bottle. In fact after the authorities hacked over 2000 trees at the Aarey Milk Colony Metro car shed site, Sena Chief was vehement about catching the murderers of the trees. But in the manifesto there is no mention about Aarey and it was surprising. By promising Re 1 medical facility and ten rupee meals, the government exchequer will face finance crunch in the future. It is a matter of convenience for political parties to change their statement according to situation and the people are not going to be benefited with these false promises much.

Nikhil Maniam 


Stop mockery of poll process

It refers to data that a vast majority of 86-per cent candidates in 2019-elections to Lok Sabha lost security-deposits. Most of security-losing candidates know themselves even before filing nominations that they would be losing security. Many of such candidates are either vote-splitters or file nominations in hope of getting money from rival candidates to withdraw names in favour. Such mockery of poll-process must be stopped by making it one of the measures for much-needed and most awaited massive and consolidated poll-reform. Also all those getting votes less than NOTA should be disqualified for life to contest any election. Such a provision may pave way for an ideal two-party system which is essential for healthy democratic system.

A sitting MLA, MLC or MP must resign first from earlier seat before filing nomination for other. An MP may automatically lose membership of Parliament on taking oath as minister in a state. Likewise any state-legislator may lose membership on taking oath as minister at the centre. Legislators in states and centres may be disqualified for contesting elections for life in case of mid-term resignation from the legislative body. State-legislators and Parliamentarians must not be allowed to hold membership of civic bodies in tune with one-person one-post norm. Likewise elected representatives must not be allowed to hold party-posts simultaneously.

Madhu Agrawal

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