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Letters to the Editor: 16 February, 2020

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All India Radio should opt for new time-schedule for news bulletins

Timings of news-bulleting and other programmes presented by News Services Division of All India Radio (Akashwani) were last revised more than five decades ago when Television-network had insignificant presence. Then timings were revised in a manner that Hindi bulletins may be broadcast just before English news-bulletins like shifting main Hindi bulletin from then 8.15 pm to now 8.45 pm. But such placement deprived Samayaki important time-place just after main Hindi bulletin like is there for spotlight relayed at 9.15 pm just after main English bulletin.

All India Radio should go for a total new time-schedule for all its news-bulletins and other programmes presented by News Services Division. Main evening Hindi news-bulletin should be advanced to 8 pm followed by Samayaki at 8.15 pm just after main Hindi bulletin. Other programmes presented by News Services Division then can be placed simultaneously in Hindi and English between 8.30 pm and 9 pm. Likewise main news-bulletins of the morning can be at 7.45 am in Hindi and 8 am in English each to be followed by comments from newspapers.

All India Radio in last so many decades is avoiding important suggestions with stereo-type eye-wash reply that suggestions will be considered in due course of time. These suggestions should be considered at least now seriously with full analysis in a time-bound period.

Madhu Agrawal

Mini AC BEST bus gains popularity in city

21 seater mini ac BEST buses are a big hit and mushroomed all across the city and it is truly a blessing for commuters who can now travel in comfort in the city’s hot and humid climate. Travel time too has reduced as being smaller in size they are more faster as well. The fare too is extremely attractive as the base fare of Rs.6 is peanuts in a city that is one of the most expensive to stay in the globe. BEST should replace it’s entire fleet of buses with the mini buses as they are more convenient on the city’s jam-packed roads where most roads are dug up for metro work.

It’s my sincere request to BEST to start mini bus service from Goregaon station to Inorbit via Bangur Nagar which seems to have been missed by the establishment. This route is very popular and many would benefit out of it if services along the route off link road is added. Minimum fare of Rs.6 too can be raised as commuters won’t mind paying a little extra as BEST need to break even to sustain for the long haul!


Controversy on Reservation-policy again

It refers to controversy created on Supreme Court verdict dated February 11 2020 on Reservation-policy wherein demand has been made for legislation to ensure reservation in promotion also.

Complete policy of reservation is in itself a big failure when it could not homogeneously mix people of reserved-categories in the society in stipulated 15 years initially fixed by constitution-makers and now for about seven decades after independence. In present era, policy of reservation is itself responsible for alienating persons of reserved categories from normal society by making them identified separately.

If reservation is to be continued indefinitely, all reserved categories like SC, ST or OBC should be merged into one single category with an annual review of progress or benefits made by different castes/tribes by virtue of reservation. Communities with maximum postings or admissions may be deleted from reserved categories by taking these as creamy layers, leaving opportunities for reservation for really deserving backward categories. Also since backwardness in reserved categories is due to their generally having large families, benefits of reservations may be reserved for persons or families with upto two children only. Present system makes professional politicians (and their family-members) from reserved categories enjoy fruits of reservation-policy despite their being ultra rich and influential in politics and society.

Reservation to caste-based categories should also be provided only for families having annual income less than Rs eight lakhs, agricultural land less than 5 acres, residences less than 1000 square-feet and residential plot less than 100 square yards in notified municipal area and 200 square yards in non-notified municipal area.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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