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Letters to the Editor: 17 December, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,India invariably lose whenever Kohli is dismissed cheaply

West Indies thrashed India in the ODI opener at Chennai with ease. Caribbean is a formidable side in limited overs format as they surpassed India’s decent total of 287 losing just two wickets in the bargain. Virat Kohli should not be expected to score in every innings he bats and Team India’s dependence on their skipper to hit big knocks in every outing is a matter of grave concern.

Our bowling too is our weak link along with fielding and we need to pay more attention to win consistently at international level where competition is tough. A match winning hundred from Hetmyer and Hope’s contribution were key performances that stood out in the game. India I am sure will bounce back and players should show dedication and commitment which seems to be missing at the moment.



Shameless move

A protest against the controversial Citizenship Act turned violent in Delhi as the police entered the university to arrest the students. At least 40 students were injured in police’s lathi charge. It’s a shameful move from the cops because they can’t enter in university without voice chancellor’s permission.

Tarique Anwar 


Enforce fast tag rule to all the categories of HTVs and LMVs 

The Hon’ble Ministry of Highways and Road Transport has initiated compulsory attachment of Fast tag stickers to all the vehicles. The move is aimed to promote a cashless toll based ecosystem apart from ensuring hassle free passage of vehicles at toll booths. The decision to implement the enforcement effective December 1 and its subsequent extension of upto 30 days comes as a huge relief to many vehicle owners.

Further it is requested to enforce the fast tag rule only to the commercial vehicles of all the categories of HTVs and LMVs. As such private/non-commercial vehicles especially car users in urban areas do not need to comply to fast tag rule. The need to pass through the toll with the help of a fast tag on a daily basis is not necessary as most of the cars travel only within the urban areas. Commercial vehicles on the other hand travel extensively across the state borders and hence the need to possess a fast tag to this category of vehicles is otherwise highly justified.

Since the Hon’ble Ministry has now extended the fast tag enforcement rule by 30 days, it is further requested to consider exempting private cars operating within city/urban areas from fast tag rule. The Ministry can direct the vehicle owners with an option to pay by cash at tolls and thus make fast tag adherence an optional requirement especially for private car owners who only use tolls selectively during the year.

Varun Dambal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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