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Letters to the Editor: 18 November, 2019

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Indian Team is in a striking position in test cricket. And sides like South Africa and Bangladesh are not a match for Team India. In home conditions Indian team is the best. Bangladesh was allowed to score more than 100 runs in both the innings due to poor catching in the slips. Ashwin, an outstanding off spinner suffered most in those dropped chances and could finish with only five wickets instead of getting another 10 wickets for the match. Mayank Agarwal took the opportunity very well and sent the hapless bowlers to cleaners. Bangladesh failed as a team in red ball cricket and they may still fair badly in the day and night game with pink ball. It was indeed a pathetic display by Bangladesh. Now there is a question mark whether they are fit for playing five day test matches.

Nikhil Maniam 


Honda in crisis

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) expects the slowdown in the automobile sector to continue for now, mainly due to the current macro economic factors along with the upcoming switch to BS­VI norms that will lead to a 10-15% increase in two-wheeler prices. The company sees some impact on demand due to 10­-15% increase in two-wheeler prices following the shift to new emission norms. It is big jump in price. This will make it difficult for ordinary people to buy a Honda.

Mahmud Qasmi Magdi


Time to tackle pollution not to do politics

The national capital is at the very bottom of the list, in a ranking based on tap water quality released by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Unfortunately, instead of resolving this issue all political parties are indulging in politics. This is not the time to do politics but to curb pollution. Governments should work together to provide relief to the people. Union government also should help them to find a solution to the problem of air pollution.

M Hasan


Let faith be there

A prime matter regarding religious faith and practice is now doing its round in debates, talks, discussions and protests – about permitting the women of the age between 10 and 50 to take a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Ours is a nation where age old customs and centuries related to faith and belief are being followed for ages not only in Hinduism but in the various other religions too. These when questioned leads to tension and conflicts. At the same time, superstitious beliefs and irrational practices have to be stopped. In the name of constitution when  faith and practices followed faithfully with a lot of reverence and veneration for centuries and ages are questioned it hurts the sentiments of believers, whichever religion they belong to, and gives rise to protests and agitations which certain political factions and parties take to their advantage ending up in total chaos. Constitution has the right to protect all, serve all and definitely safeguard the customs and beliefs of the citizens too.

M Pradyu 


Follow traffic rules

A few weeks back, I was on my way to the office at eight in the morning when all of a sudden I was caught in a traffic snarl. The traffic was blocked at a distance of some 150 metres from the point I was stuck. I tried to investigate about the blockage. Soon I came to know that there was a horrible accident at the signal ahead. A man had been crushed to death by a speeding car and had escaped. Blood was spilled all over the place.
What I heard from the public was that the boy was travelling on his motorcycle in great speed when the signal turned red. As he crossed the signal, the signal for the other road had turned green. And the inevitable happened. My purpose for writing this letter is to inform people about traffic rules. Sometimes we think that these rules are just useless and all people try to violate traffic signals and other traffic rules.

Some of the major rules while riding a motorcycle are:

Always wear a helmet and use the indicator before turning left or right. The major problem is that 50 per cent of the people do not carry or do not have a driving license. They must always carry a driving licence while travelling. Those who break the law must be booked and fined heavily so as to discourage them from repeating the act.
Another cause is haste. People try to cross road while the signal is still red. They argue that there was no one on the road and chose to cross it because they were in a hurry. But they should know that rules are rules and everyone has to follow them. For those driving a car, the person in the driver’s seat must always wear a seat belt.

Jubel D’Cruz

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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