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Letters to the Editor: 18 October, 2019

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Make realistic promises

Tall promises seldom get fulfilled and voters should be smart enough to decide which leader if elected would really work in their constituency. Elections are examination time for candidates and politicians should not make false promises which they cannot fulfill. Promises should be realistic and not castles in the air to fool the voters. The tenure of Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister of Maharashtra has been fruitful and the dynamic CM in all probability would come to power for another term.

Infrastructure in Maharashtra and Mumbai in particular with work on several metro lines in full swing is the biggest achievement of the ruling govt.

However, we do need strong opposition as well to keep the government in check whenever they err and good honest leaders from every party should be sent to the Assembly for good governance.

S.N. Kabra


Fill every stomach

Indian has been a classified as a country with serious levels of hunger according to the 2019 Global Hunger Index. India was the lowest ranked among South Asian countries. India’s is ranked 102nd. It means that there are only, 15 others countries that are behind us. After strong improvement, India’s rank slipped from 93 in 2015. The report highlights some steps to be taken at once. Therefore we can do well to look at smaller economies to examine what they are doing differently than us so that we can follow them and remove poverty.

Tarique Anwar


Ban sale of khoya prepared by unorganised sector 

Consumption of khoya during festive-season of Diwali in Delhi much exceeds all probable capacity after procurement of milk, leading to sale and use of adulterated khoya for preparation of sweets. Central government should take all possible steps for heavy increase in production of khoya by organised sector and co-operative giants including like Mother Dairy, Amul, Saras, Delhi Milk scheme, Vita, Verka, Sudha etc.

Mother dairy and Amul having appreciable market-share in Delhi should also arrange door-delivery of khoya for bulk-purchasers on advance-booking in a routine manner. Mother Dairy markets khoya. But because of extra-ordinary fat-content, its product is not only costlier but is much hard to use. Mother Dairy should decrease fat-content in khoya to make it softer with its price comparable with that of khoya sold in open market by unorganised sector. Fat-content of khoya can be used for production of ghee and butter.

Madhu Agrawal

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