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Letters to the Editor: 19 August, 2019

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FEATURE LETTER DIARY 679x400 e1545637164261The one and only Virat Kohli

Over 20,000 runs scored in international cricket in a decade is great going for Virat Kohli who is perhaps the all time greatest batsman the world of cricket has witnessed. Tendulkar was the best until Kohli came on the scene and he seems to surpass the master blaster on every parameter which truly is a proud moment for every Indian that two of the greatest all time cricketers come from our land. Kohli is a batting genius with a perfection of a Robot. Scores runs by the Tons and at jet speed which makes him an icon for every cricket fan in the world.

43 ODI tons, 25 Test hundreds and highest runs scored in a decade by any batsman, Virat Kohli is the God of cricket, the title hitherto held by Tendulkar. He would end his career in all probability with most records in Test cricket that would be impossible for others to emulate in future!



Arrest people drinking alcohol

Alcohol should be banned completely not only in India but all over the world and all those who are found consuming alcohol should be arrested and put behind bars. This way, people will stop drinking alcohol. People should realise that alcohol brings misery to the family and is also bad for one’s health.
People consuming alcohol regularly also suffer from many diseases like liver failure, weight loss, etc. The Holy Bible in most of the books of the old and new Testaments clearly tells us that all those who consume alcohol will burn in hell fire after their death.

Jubel D’Cruz


Problem of plenty

It refers to news-item confirming that despite Reserve Bank of India RBI being in full knowledge of many banks including SBI, HDFC, PNB and ICICI banks refusing to accept coins as deposit in bank-accounts, no practical action is being taken to overcome problem of plenty of coins. RBI is also in full knowledge of high level of unpopularity of rupees-ten coins where these coins are not being accepted in many parts of the country. Instead of discontinuing ten-rupee coins problematic twenty-rupee coins are now soon to be forced on public.

It is true that life of smaller denomination notes is comparatively smaller. But considering non-popularity of coins of rupees-ten (and rupees-twenty), RBI and central government should rather much-awaited plastic currency in these denominations as was announced long back by the then Union Minister of Finance Namo Narain Meena on 12.03.2013 in a written reply in Rajya Sabha. One-rupee notes re-started just for bureaucratic craze of bearing their signatures should be discontinued to be printed as these are not even seen by members of public ever since these were re-issued on 06.03.2015 after a gap of two decades. System should be to either issue coin or note for a particular denomination.

Coins should be minted only in denominations of rupees one and five discontinuing even two-rupee coins, because shopkeepers generally do not return one-rupee coins and instead force unwanted items like candies. Coin-bags in each denomination should be uniformly of 2000 coins unlike present system of 2500 coins in coin-bags of rupee one, and 2000 coins in coin-bags of rupees five or ten. This will avoid confusion regarding number of coins in coin-bags because printing of such number on gunny coin-bags is not clear.

For consumers, smaller coin-packs with hundred coins each in denominations of rupees one and five should be ensured to be always available in plenty in all branches of public and private sector banks. Even commemorative coins should be available in packs of hundred at all bank-branches for commemorating an occasion amongst masses and for benefit of coin-collectors. Rather system can be formulated whereby commemorative coins may be minted in such large numbers so that coins of normal circulation may not be required to be minted. To overcome problem of plenty, all government-mints may be run in single shift, and efforts may be made to get export-orders for coins to be minted for other countries.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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