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Letters to the Editor: 19 December, 2019

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RIP Dr Shriram Lagoo

Dr Shriram Lagoo’s death on December 17, 2019, is a loss to the nation. His roles in Marathi plays such as ‘Natsamrat’ and ‘Himalayachi Saoli’, and movies like ‘Pinjra’ made him popular. He was not only a best actor but also a best director. With his death, we have lost a versatile personality. My condolences to his family and fans. I enjoyed watching his movies, both Marathi and Hindi. He will always be remembered by the people of my generation who grew up watching his movies. May his soul rest in peace.

Jubel D’Cruz


Poor-most justice-delivery-system in India 

India may perhaps be amongst nations with poor-most justice-delivery-system where despite so many crimes attracting death-penalty being committed on daily-basis, only 57 hangings have been done so far in independent India that too including some controversial ones like of extremely poor and insane Ramchandra (Raoji) whose mercy-petition was rejected by the then President in record six days of filing with final hanging done within less than three years of his crime of killing his complete family with no court including Supreme Court putting on record motive of murder. Even Nathuram Godse first to be hanged in free India would perhaps been granted maximum life-sentence if the then political rulers did not desire his urgent-most hanging.

Present-styled justice-delivery-system is responsible for indefinite delay in issue of black-warrant to Nirbhaya-convicts because of tricky legal system having so many undesired tools like review-petition, curative petition and mercy petition. Only a fast justice-delivery-system creating much-desired fear-psychology amongst criminal-minded persons can sharply bring down crime-rate attracting death-penalty. Nirbhaya-parents have rightly expressed anguish on courts giving date-after-date upholding right of dreaded criminals to exhaust all possible time-consuming legal remedies before issue of death-warrant. Much will be changed if right of victims or their families are given priority for demand of justice on right of criminals having so many tactics in their hands to defer final hanging. Minors having sufficient mind to rape must not escape from punishment because of their being below age of eighteen years.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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