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Letters to the Editor: 19 January, 2020

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Sania back with a bang

Kudos and a hearty applause to our Indian tennis star the one and only Sania Mirza  for winning the WTA Hobart International doubles title along with her on-court partner Nadiia Kichenok. Sania’s title-winning return is an inspiration to all the mothers who wish to mark a niche of their own in their field of interest. Her win also excellently proves that age is no bar and anyone who has that sheer determination and will power can definitely strive and achieve what they aim. Taking care of her child and getting along with family life Sania continued working hard to be fit and pursue her passion-tennis.
Though the champion had to keep away from tennis for some time it seems she had taken a strong decision to be back in  her favourite sport and the way she returned with a big bang – winning the  popular WTA Hobart International doubles title along with her on-court partner Nadiia Kichenok  Sania has proved that anything is possible.
This is Sania’s 42nd WTA doubles title and first since Brisbane International trophy triumph in 2017 that came in the company of her then American partner Bethanie Mattek-Sands. Credit also goes to Sania’s husband and her family whose support and encouragement has paved way for the tennis star to return to the court boldly, beautifully and boisterously and ready to begin another innings  much to the enjoyment and enthusiasm of millions of tennis lovers who were  eagerly waiting for their stars return.

M Pradyu

Milk price raise by Maha Vikas Aghadi government

With consumer price index on the rise, another hike in milk prices, Rs.2 per litre, is imminent in Mumbai. All along we were blaming the then ruling BJP government. Now the new Maharashtra Government made two increase in milk price and it is not going to be a welcome one. It is time to agitate and get a roll back on milk prices. Already people are facing price increase in vegetables and fruits and add to that the basic necessity milk too has become dearer. It is high time prices of commodities should be stabilised instead of going up and up.

Calicut Krishnan Subbu

Who is Indira Jaisingh to give suggestion to Nirbhaya’s parents?

Senior lawyer, Indira Jaisingh has asked Nirbhaya’s parents Badrinath and Asha Devi to forgive their daughter’s killers just as Sonia Gandhi has forgiven her husband’s killer (Nalini). Who is Indira Jaisingh to tell Nirbhaya’s parents to do this? Does she have a daughter and if she has one, has she been gang-raped and killed? She should understand the trauma Nirbhaya’s parents have been going through after her daughter’s death. Justice should be given to Nirbhaya’s parents and the four convicts (Mukesh Singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta and Akshay Kumar Singh) should be hanged at the earliest so that Nirbhaya’s soul may rest in peace.

Jubel D’Cruz

Share of fake Rs 2000 bank notes continuously increasing 

Report of National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reveals that in terms of value, 2,000-rupees banknotes comprised 56 per cent of all fake currency seized in India after demonetisation of old currency on November 8, 2016. Share of fake 2000-rupees bank-notes is continuously increasing with their share 53.3 percent in the year 2017 increased to 61.01 percent in the year 2018.

Instead of demonetisation, those having rupees-2000 currency notes may be asked to deposit these in bank-accounts and withdraw if needed immediately or as per need thus not affecting common people or having accounted cash in form of 2000-rupee notes. Simultaneously an amnesty-scheme in form of elephant-bonds can be announced for those having unaccounted cash in any denomination including of 2000-rupees notes.

Such a system coupled with other steps like fixing upper Income Tax limit at 30-percent as earlier, drastic GST-reforms with Input-Tax-Credit abolished in manufacturing and service sectors after having uniform GST-slabs at 10 and 30 percent (with additional slabs in multiples of 100 in place of cess for super-luxury items), fixing monthly cash-withdrawal for individuals at rupees 96000 to be subsequently reduced to rupees 48000 and central government bearing transaction-charges on use of credit-cards after reducing it to half-percent will also drastically reduce currency-circulation.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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