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Letters to the Editor: 20 August, 2019

Judicial system should be respected by all

India is a democratic country with an judicial system that should be respected by all. MNS call for ‘Bandh’ over ED notice to it’s chief sans logic & needs a rethink. Even past Prime Minister’s as well as top leaders have been questioned by the Enforcement Directorate & the law of the land should be followed by all. Questioning by ED doesn’t mean guilt & one should face them if one has nothing to hide. Clarence from ED infact would enhance one’s stature more so if you are an politician facing citizens for votes in elections.

MNS has been vociferous on many issues & political vendetta cannot be ruled out in their case. But the judicial system is impartial & it provides an opportunity for citizens who are under the cloud of corruption to clear their name once for & all. ‘Bandhs’ & destruction serves no purpose and needs to be avoided under any cost!



Subsidised post-cards are misused by people

It is indeed shocking that postal-department delivers highly subsidised rubber-stamped (printed) post-cards of just 50 paise each to Akashwani (All India Radio) where senders write Any-Song for programme of listeners-choice of film-songs just to get their names broadcast on Akashwani. According to rules, these rubber-stamped post-cards should be considered as printed post-cards carrying a postal-tariff of rupees six, and must not be delivered to Akashwani.

Bitter fact is that subsidised post-cards are not being used by common people. These are also misused for commercial purposes like by chit-fund companies to send reminders for payments. Ideally such unpopular postal-items like post-cards and Inland-Letter-Cards must now be discontinued to prevent unnecessary subsidy-loss on public-exchequer. Even if some of these are required to be continued, only sponsored Meghdoot Post-cards should be there with a postal-tariff of rupee one. It is ridiculous to price post-card at 50 or 25 paise when coins of these denominations are totally out of sight. Rubber-stamped post-cards should be dumped without delivery or return-back. Inland-Letter-Cards should be totally discontinued.

Likewise it is ridiculous to allow registered news-papers having nominal postal-tariff of just 25 paise in name of helping small newspapers. With cost of inputs for production of newspapers including small ones having risen manifolds, postal-charges should be raised to minimum one rupee. There will be huge postal-subsidy even if minimum postal-tariff is fixed at rupee one.

Madhu Agrawal


Congress traditionally favours law-breaking former law-makers

It refers to a Congress spokesperson opposing the right approach of a parliamentary-panel to cut electricity and water supply of about 200 former Parliamentarians within next three days who have failed to vacate government-accommodations even after so many days of losing entitlement. Such strict steps can only make government-accommodations evicted timely which in earlier regimes were at times could not be vacated for years after losing entitlement. In case former Parliamentarians and others do not themselves vacate government-accommodations within 90 days of losing entitlement, not only these should be forcefully vacated but also all such persons should lose right to contest any election in future.

Market-rents for unlawfully retaining government-accommodations should be reviewed to match actual market-rents. Overstaying persons not paying such revised market-rents and any other pending dues like for telephone, electricity and water should also not be allowed to contest any election till they clear all their pending dues. Also there should be a system of auto-deduction of such government-dues from salaries and pensions of law-makers.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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