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Letters to the Editor: 20 June, 2019

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Don’t attack doctors

Doctors calling off their week long strike across the country comes as a relief. Doctors too are human and can commit mistakes but violence serves no purpose and there are proper forums as well as courts to address the grievances. Patients’ relatives should not take the law in their hands as the medical field is most important as lakhs of people across the country are treated successfully by these doctors who are saviours for many.

Also, doctors on their part too should not go on flash strikes as we are a nation of over a billion population with poor doctor-patient ratio and many deaths have take place in the country for want of treatment the last few days. Medical is a noble profession and we must respect the sanctity of this profession which saves several lives each year. Every public hospital should be provided with security by state governments so that untoward incidents which cause serious damage can be avoided.

S.N. Kabra


Serious folly of Education Board

Sage ‘Sushrut’ is the father of surgery. In English medium Bal Bharati’s text book for 6th standard of Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum, he has been referred to as a veterinary doctor. This is being taught to students since 2016. So, wrong information has been spread among students but how can such serious mistakes be committed by the Education Board? Which data was used to refer to him as veterinary doctor?  Who has committed such mistake? Everyone needs to know it. It is not the first time that Maharashtra Education Board has committed mistakes but it would be long list of mistakes if it is noted down on paper. Similar is the situation with Central Education Board’s text books. This is a case of not just dissemination of wrong information but it is taxing people’s money since new text books have to be printed emptying Government’s coffers. Why shouldn’t such loss be recovered from the concerned irresponsible persons? It should be checked that a person appointed as an expert for preparing text book, is a true expert and does not hold degrees on paper and whether he is ignorant of knowledge of concerned subject. Special attention needs to be paid for distorting historical facts.          

 Kishor Auti


Archaic oath taking ceremony

The recent oath taking ceremony for the 17th Lok Sabha session witnessed several members affirming in different regional languages while assuming the position. The day long event witnessed all the members reading the transcript of the oath presented in the presence of pro-tem speaker.

Though the event witnessed many first time members setting foot at legislators into the Parliament, the entire day was merely wasted without any business. The day was reserved only for an oath taking ceremony, which holds no relevance in today’s busy world and thus only resulted in wastage of tax payers money for one day without any business. The archaic oath reading ceremony could have been replaced by mere signing of the papers through necessary Parliamentary business procedures and the session could have started off directly through business proceedings from day one itself.

As there many crucial amendment bills pending to be passed, which requires sufficient time for necessary discussions and then pass the resolution, the Hon’ble Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs is now suggested to look into taking off unwarranted and archaic oath taking ceremony for the members in both the houses and help ensure that sufficient time is given to discuss the issues which the voters are eagerly awaiting to witness.

Varun Dambal


Scholarship to minority students

It refers to central government announcing five crore scholarships to students from minority community with 50-per cent reserved for girls. Since the move is clubbed with proper training for Madarsa-teachers to bring them in main streamline, it seems to be a strategic step because till now Madrasas had been providing old faulty style of teaching young Muslim children of school-age. With Madrasas also providing future education in tune with other educational institutions, it will create homogeneous next generation through similar education-style.

It is noteworthy that for the first time, it has been clarified that minority communities other than Muslims will also be covered in scholarship-programme for minority students. Otherwise till now mainly Muslim-community were provided benefits through such special schemes launched for benefit of minority community.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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