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Letters to the Editor: 20 November, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Heritage-dress of marshals in Rajya Sabha should be restored

It refers to observations made by several Rajya Sabha members and reported objections from army-persons against changing dress of marshals in the upper house from that of a heritage one to military-like dress. Old is gold, and it always looked nice to see marshals in a unique dress normally not seen nowadays. It is noteworthy that saree for ladies and band-gala coats are retained as a sort of official outfits in official functions ensuring retaining of old Indian tradition.

Madhu Agrawal


Housing societies should provide space for parking

Parking’ in Mumbai is a big problem and it is good to learn that Mumbai Parking Authority has roped in 13 malls to allow private vehicles to use their parking lots to de-congest their fronts. Mall parkings are empty during weekdays and this move certainly would be beneficial for people who ended up paying heavy fines in no parking zones as they now will have the luxury to park in malls at reasonable charges and would also have safety of their vehicles.

Housing societies too could be roped in as at least 50% of cars parked by residents move out during working hours for some work or the other as many travel by cars to office. This would also earn some revenue to societies as well as help decongest roads which is a social responsibility as well.

S.N. Kabra


Parents should take care of children

Marbles-laden truck overturned killing six minors standing on the roadside in Bihar’s Gopalganj district. Children were grazing their goats nearby the road .

It’s really painful news for the country.  I think that it was parent’s responsibility that they must protect their children. Government should lay greater emphasis on road safety education and awareness campaigns.

Tarique Anwar 


Govt’s failure to provide basic amenities

It’s a regretful thing that even after seven decades of independence, our governments are failing to provide basic necessities such as drinking water to the people. Instead of wasting huge amount of taxpayer’s money on providing subsidies and loan waivers, governments should invest in health care, education and skill development. They must also take proactive steps to control the pollution because the prosperity of country depends on health of its citizens.

Seraj Ali 


Allow Farooq Abdullah to attend Parliament

On the first day of the winter session National Conference leader Dr. Farooq Abdullah could not attend Parliament due to his detention under the Public Safety Act( PSA). Opposition leaders asked government to release him quickly. In  response Union Home Minister Amit shah said that Dr. Abdullah is safe and spending his life happily. Now question is that if Abdullah is safe why he is not allowed to attend winter session of Parliament. He represents Srinagar and it is the right of the 20 lakh people of the city that their voice be heard in the House. Government should allow Farooq Abdullah to attend Parliament.

M Qasmi Nad

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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