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Letters to the Editor: 23 December, 2019

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Today, India is being divided on the basis of religion. We have never faced this kind of problem during the Congress regime. Amit Shah and Narendra Modi are only dividing country on the basis of one’s religion. Every citizen of this country has the right to voice their opinion whether Modi likes it or not.

Jubel D’Cruz


Don’t underestimate the power of youth

The police is acting in a wholly undemocratic and authoritarian manner by preventing the groups of college students from holding a peaceful protest against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act and even detaining some of them without any provocation. While the police contend that the requisite permission was not granted for the protest, the students argue that there was no prohibitory order like Section 144 in force to prevent a group of people from assembling peacefully. The police has asserted that it’s his duty to ensure that the country runs peacefully. The police’s assertion is flawed because while it is his duty to maintain law and order in the city, it is every citizen’s constitutional right to protest against what she sees as unjust or unconstitutional. Such selective application of one’s sense of duty may give rise to suspicion that the police is acting as per the convenience of the ruling BJP. Student movements have changed the course of history across the world and in India, where it has roots in the freedom struggle. The police would be well advised not to stoke fire by displaying highhandedness against them. It should not underestimate the power of the youth.

Seraj Ali


Protest is basic right of every Indian citizen

Delhi police brutally lathi charged fired inside the university campus of Jamia Millia Islamia. This is not the way to deal with democratic protests. Peaceful protest is basic right of every Indian citizen.

Mahmudul Hasan


A timely and befitting speech

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi was timely and significant as it was delivered at a time when pseudo factions, parties and leaders  misinterpreted the Citizenship (Amendment Act) and misguided a minority community against the government. The PM has made it crystal clear in his speech that none in the Indian Muslim community would be affected by the Act nor is it going to divide the nation on the basis of religion. The very strong and thoughtful speech truly expressed the importance of the bill and at the same time really exposed the vested interest and selfish motives of many of the opposition leaders who like chameleons keep changing their attitude just for the sake of votes and for power. The PM’s appeal to maintain peace and harmony reveals his commitment and dedication to the nation and it’s people. The opposition would have been rattled  seeing  the mass support the PM received at the maidan and this is sure to cause sleepless nights in the days to come. These pseudo leaders in order to get the support of a certain community were hell bent to get a cause to attack the government. They failed to stir the common man when the government passed the Triple Talaq bill, the abrogation of Article 370 and when the Ayodhya verdict was declared. And finally when CAA was passed it came as a lifer for them and gave them an opportunity to link it with religious sentiment. Though they did get a chance to divert and direct the innocent against the centre by misinterpreting the bill the speech by Modi undoubtedly is going to be the turning point as it has ripped open the hypocrisy of the pseudo leaders and it is sure to make the common man understand the real facts and repose their faith in the government.

M Pradyu

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