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Letters to the Editor: 23 September, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Idea of simultaneous elections may not be a dream-come-true

Election Commission has announced election-schedule for Haryana and Maharashtra state assemblies with single-day poll to be held on October 21, 2019, meaning thereby that idea of much-needed simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and all state-assemblies as also strongly advocated by Prime Minister, may not be a dream-come-true.

A smart beginning could be made by imposing short-term President-rule in Haryana, Maharashtra and Jharkhand till February 2020 (Jammu-Kashmir is already under President-rule) when elections to all these state-assemblies could be held along with Delhi state-assembly in February 2020. Even Bihar state-assembly could be dissolved a bit earlier so that elections in Bihar could also be held in February, 2020.

There would not have been resistance to such step because all the state-assemblies mentioned above are ruled by BJP and its allies. Otherwise also, February is considered to be most appropriate month for holding elections. In such a scenario, any next elections for any of the state-assembly would have been February 2022 as a step in direction for simultaneous elections.

However a smart beginning can now be made to avoid concept of hung state-assemblies and unstable government experimenting simultaneous election of new Chief Minister, Speaker and Deputy Speaker for Haryana and Maharashtra by secret and compulsory elections through EVMs equipped with VVPAT on nominations signed by at least 34-per cent members with abstaining members losing right to vote in the House though retaining its membership. Such elected incumbents may be removed only through same process but with compulsion to name alternate leader in the same motion.

Central government should issue an ordinance before October 27, 2019 whereby no person may be allowed to contest from more than one constituency, and a sitting MP or MLA compulsorily resigning from earlier seat before filing nomination for elections to prevent unnecessary by-elections in case of a candidate winning from more than one constituency, or by-election caused by a sitting MP winning for state-assembly.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


NSDL must shift to online KYC updation process

Trading in India by single investors is centralised with the online electronic services provided by National Securities Depository Limited. NSDL thus facilitates seamless information related trading of shares as associated with respected Depository Participant (DP) in online format. A unique CAS Id is generated by NSDL for each account holder for the benefit of shareholders to ascertain the status of overall account maintained through stocks and through a consolidated monthly statement.

Further for the benefit of depository holders under each account the need to update basic information in KYC like email, telephone and address is not possible through the existing centralised online portal i.e. NSDL. Otherwise one is only directed to a Depository Participant (DP) to update KYC details in an offline mode. The NSDL portal still insists and directs a participant only to physically verify the KYC details while an online verification will help ensure faster updation of details.

Thus there is now an urgent need to restore KYC for NSDL account holders instantly through an online mode. The current system of paper passed updation is archaic and consumes a lot of time. Further with the availability of seamless technology and enhanced online security, NSDL can further initiate quick steps to relook its current manual KYC updation process and upgrade to online system based verification process.

Varun Dambal


Aarey at it again

In what can spell trouble for the Maharashtra government and also to Mumbai Metro Rail corporation Limited the Bombay HC indicated that into would look into the controversial metro III about shifting to Kanjurmarg instead of Aarey colony. It is reliably learnt that it was decided to construct the car sheds for both Metro III and Metro VI lines at Kanjurmarg and the sudden change of place creates a controversy and the resultant turn around in the case. Thus Aarey versus Kanjurmarg question is raised and going rounds as of now.

C.K. Suresh

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