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Letters to the Editor: 26 November, 2019

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BJP has committed a mistake by aligning with Pawar

BJP seems to have got its Maths wrong and aligning with Ajit Pawar was a mistake. NCP MLA’s themselves doesn’t trust their leader. Ajit Pawar who seems deserted at the moment which has even put BJP on a wrong footing as they formed the government thinking Pawar junior had the numbers. It would have been appropriate had the deal been struck with Sharad Pawar who is a seasoned politician.

BJP have 105 MLAs and deserves to have their men as Chief Minister. Maharashtra would have had a stable government had not the Sena ditched them after fighting the assembly elections together. BJP should actually have allowed Sena and Congress-NCP to form the government which would not have lasted more than a few months. Devendra Fadnavis should admit his mistake of aligning with Ajit Pawar and resign. Maharashtra is heading for another election in the next few months and BJP this time will get a clear majority as voters have seen all the drama and leaders who rejected voters verdict would be punished.

S.N. Kabra


Centre should accept WB state-assembly resolution to rename the state

 Only old-timers know that since western part of pre-independence undivided Bengal came to India, the state was named as West Bengal, and East Bengal turned into East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Central Government should accept demand of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee for immediate passing of long-pending resolution of the state-assembly to rename the state as Bangla thus removing ever-confusing prefix West. Proposed name will be one-worded and will not be able to be abbreviated like double-worded names UP, MP, HP, AP etc.

 The Constitution should be amended whereby names of all institutions including High Courts named after states or cities may be auto-changed with change in names of state or city. Names of Bombay High Court and Madras High Court still remain the same despite renaming of respective cities as Mumbai and Chennai decades back.  

There has been gradual change in names or spellings of cities with the process still incomplete despite more than seven decades of independence. Distorted spellings of Jullender and Simla by British rulers in India as Jalandhar and Shimla has been rectified. But spellings of cities like Delhi and Bareilly as per actual pronunciation are still to be modified. Delhi is distorted version of Dehli meaning entrance in English. Many other countries like Bangladesh and China have already respelled names of their capitals as per actual pronunciation. There are too many Rampurs and Bilaspurs in India which require renaming to avoid confusion. New names can be after heroic characters of Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Union Government should also adopt single name Bharat for the country abolishing British given name as India, in tune with unanimous resolution once passed by UP state-assembly. It is senseless to have two names for a country. Sri Lanka and Myanmar have already done away with such British legacy when these countries are no more known as Ceylon and Burma.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Augment first AC-cum-AC two tier composite coach to Chalukya express

Bengaluru is well connected to Mumbai by train numbers 11021/11022 Dadar – Tirunelveli Chalukya Express and 11005/11006 Dadar – Puducherry Chalukya Express. Both the trains originate from Tirunelveli and Puducherry respectively and operate via Yeswantpur to reach Dadar early morning at 6 am on all the 6 days of the week.

It is given to understand that the train’s composition has not undergone any major changes w.r.t to augmentation of coaches. As the train’s journey involves beyond 24 hours, there is now an urgent necessity to augment one First AC-cum-AC Two Tier composite coach to both the rakes of Chalukya Express. As also it is given to understand that the other two trains to Mumbai from Bangalore also has one First Class AC coach- as attached to train numbers 11301/11302 Bengaluru- Mumbai CSMT Udyan Express and 11013/11014 Coimbatore- Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Kurla Express.

Hence the concerned Central Railway’s Mumbai Divisional authorities are kindly requested to augment one First AC-cum-AC Two Tier Composite Coach to the train numbers 11021/11022 Dadar – Tirunelveli Chalukya Express and 11005/11006 Dadar – Puducherry Chalukya Express. The suggestion can be considered in the best interest of enhancing passenger comfort.

Varun Dambal


Have a public opinion on political drama

Citizens have been paying close attention to what has been going on in the politics of Maharashtra from last one month. After the swearing-in of the new Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister, the politics of the state has become more and more shaky. No other news is visible other than political events in Maharashtra. The media has been receiving daily information about political happenings in the state of Maharashtra from the last one month. What can happen in politics? The public opinion should be asked about all these political drama and the media should broadcast this constantly. As political parties are accusing each other, the public’s thoughts should reach the political parties.

Jayesh Rane

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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