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Letters to the Editor: 27 December, 2019

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Celebrate New Year in a simple manner

It is good to see New Year celebrations warming up much before a week with a wide publicity of the New Year themes, huge shopping discounts, party offers etc. But one fails to understand the reason for extensive awareness drive on do not drink and drive while drinking should be otherwise be discouraged on a New Year. Instead New Year should be celebrated in a simple manner within family and friends.

One should understand that the New Year is the beginning of new leaf in each and every individual’s life and to welcome it with alcohol and partying is highly avoidable. People should give up such things and instead consider celebrating New Year in a unique manner which will be enjoyed by one and all-atleast this can top the list of New Year resolutions.

Varun Dambal


Take steps to curb pollution by cars

It refers to welcome news that only e-scooters (two-wheelers) will be sold in the country after 2025 while in respect of three wheelers, the deadline is even earlier of 2020. Since two-wheelers constitute major portion of total vehicle-sale in the country, ban on two-wheelers and three-wheelers other than driven by pre-charged electric-engines will effectively check pollution.

However till phenomenon of exclusively sold e-cars becomes a dream come true, cars should be allowed to be sold only with petrol-engines fitted with CNG-kit. Production and sale of cars driven by diesel-engines should be altogether banned with immediate effect. Production of diesel-driven cars is gross misuse of having price of diesel less than that of petrol only for keeping cost of public-transportation less.

Also since big cars occupy more space in road and parking, their production should be discouraged also because these cars are purchased and used by affording rich. GST, road-tax, insurance and other levies on cars with ex-showroom price say above rupees ten lakhs should be doubled. There should be a complete ban on loans on costlier cars. Only economical cars should be purchased by central and state governments and their public-sector-undertakings including even for judges of higher courts, ministers and top bureaucrats except required for use by foreign dignitaries visiting India that too on permission from Union Ministry of External Affairs.

Madhu Agrawal


Take action against celebrities for provoking people against legitimate governance-system

It refers to noted writer Arundhiti Roy publicly provoking people to give misleading and common information about their names (as Ranga-Billa), address (as 7 Racecourse Road, New Delhi) and a unanimously decided mobile-number when government-officials come to their residences for compiling information for National Population Register (NPR).

It has become a pseudo-secular political fashion of some intellectuals, celebrities and politicians to oppose usual administrative-procedures just for sake of opposition. Compilation of such details has been a usual feature even in earlier UPA regime, and its opposition now is just political aimed to disturb governance-system. Strict-most action should be taken against such provocation by concerned ones against the state.

It is beyond understanding that all such pseudo-secular persons causing disturbance against governance, are curiously silent on atrocities against majority-community like they did at time of mass murder of Kashmiri pandits in the year 1990 causing their exodus from Kashmir valley.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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