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Letters to the Editor: 27 February, 2020

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Lions at home but paper tigers abroad

Winning and losing is part and parcel of sports but being thrashed ruthlessly by 10 wickets is cause for concern for Team India in New Zealand. Men In Blue were all at sea at Wellington as the Kiwis were not even made to sweat on their home turf. Rare to see Captain Kohli fail twice in a Test Match and there was hardly any resistance from other members of the side. Our bowling was mediocre as Kohli and his boys proved yet again that they are Lion’s playing at home but paper tigers abroad.

India began well on Kiwi tour winning every T-20 game but has lost all games since then including being blanked out in the ODI series. New Zealand is a tough side to beat in their own backyard and Team India will have to put up an exceptional show in the next Test to level the series. Over dependence on Kohli is the key reason for our failure as the boys panic once the captain is dismissed cheaply.


Sleeping drivers cause accidents

The Road Transportation Authority and the police  doubt that it’s because of carelessness and drowsiness that led to the major bus and truck collision near Tirupur in Tamil Nadu  resulting in the death  of so many passengers and many seriously injured.  The report says that the driver might have slept and lost control of the truck that resulted in the container it was carrying to hit the passenger bus on the Avinashi highway. The driver has come out with an excuse saying that the broken tyres amounted to accident but police and transportation authority after an examination at the site say that there are marks on the tyres that prove that the tyres have crushed upon the divider and this is a sign of the careless driving which would have been caused as a result of sleepiness.

Drowsy driving is a major problem and heavy disasters occur when those at the wheels who got to have their eyes wide open, wink for a second out of drowsiness. Many tragic incidents have occurred because of drowsy driving. Drowsiness occur when drivers do not have proper rest and sleep. Transportation department, the police authority and other stake holders will have to wake up and act immediately so that such terrible accidents due to carelessness can be avoided.

Night patrolling, checking and lessening the speed of heavy vehicles, shift work scrutiny, anti sleep devices in drivers cabins, cautioning and alerting drivers to avoid medication and strict prohibition of consuming alcohol while driving have to be implemented. Resting places or zones for heavy vehicle drivers must be  provided.

M Pradyu

Judges should avoid making comments on political rulers

It refers to media-reports about one of the judges of Supreme Court praising Prime Minister while speaking at International Judicial Conference. But persons seated as judges should avoid making comments on political rulers. Rather such praise puts praised politicians in an embarrassing position when they are blamed by opponents to have influenced judiciary. Situation becomes still more difficult if such praising judges get some post-retirement appointment by the praised political rulers. Restatement of Values in Judicial Life (Conduct-code for judges of higher courts) should incorporate provision that judges may avoid commenting on individual politicians publicly.

It is also time that present BJP-ruled central government may implement its own policy while it was in opposition to impose a two-year bar on post-retirement appointment of judges of higher courts. Even post of chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) should be for any retired Supreme Court judge instead of retired Chief Justice of India to practically adhere to policy of not providing post-retirement appointment for two years after retirement. It will auto-care situation of post of NHRC-chairperson being vacant for long like happened when one retired Chief Justice of India was not considered fit to chair NHRC and the only other retired Chief Justice of India at that time declined to accept the posting.

Madhu Agrawal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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