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Letters to the Editor: 27 November, 2019

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letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Save trees save life

The world we live in today is in a state of imbalance, with an ecosystem constantly in threat. Water, forests and air are severely damaged by increasing population and the resource demands that come with it. We must understand that trees are the lungs of the earth and their destruction will eventually lead to bizarre consequences of droughts and unseasonal rains.

M.H. Magdi


Pace bowlers shine in India’s victory

Indian pacers demonstrated their class and adjusted to conditions with terrific discipline and reaped the reward for the same. Pink Ball did move around and the debate surrounding the visibility of the ball in twilight session can wait for another day as the Indian team yet again proved they are champions. The bowlers did their usual while the batters stepped up in fine fashion to pip Bangladesh almost every single day of this series and India won the match only in three days.



Good job by cops

In an initiative against online child pornography, the police have arrested six persons for sharing pictures and videos with sexually offensive contents against children. The men arrested have been identified as Sanju Rathod (25), Amit Mandal (24), Narender Kumar (22), Revti Nandan Anand (34), Lok Raj Yajurvedi (61) and Sudama Ram (29). They are accused of downloading and circulating pornographic contents. Creating, possessing, and viewing child pornography content is prohibited by law. Stringent punishment should be awarded to the accused.

Arif Newari 


Save children from kidnappers

Seven­ year­-old girl was reportedly kidnapped from her school in Andhra Pradesh. Such incidents of kidnapping have been taking place across country day by day. So authorities should take immediate step for security and safety of children and try to trace gang of kidnappers. Sniffer dogs should also be pressed into service.  Parents are worried about sending their children to schools due to such incidents. It is also responsibility of parents to keep children away from suspected persons and insecure places.

M Hasan 


Take steps to curb rape incidents 

A 24-year­-old college student was allegedly abducted and raped in a moving car by a 26­ year ­old man with the act also being filmed by his friends in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district. It is not new, while incident of rapes was reported several times in the past. The government should take immediate steps to enhance girl’s safety and security. A lot of laws have been framed to protect women now is the time to enforce the law so that such incidents will not be repeated again.

Asif Mahmudul

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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