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Letters to the Editor: 28 July, 2019

Address water logging issue in the city 

Water logging in Mumbai at times of a few inches of rainfall has become a common phenomenon which is a matter of grave concern. Public transport moves at a snail’s pace and life in the commercial capital of the city comes to a standstill. The Fadnavis government and the Shiv Sena ruled BMC has a lot to answer and citizens who vote for them will have to ask them tough questions before they re-elect this government in the coming elections. Big promises are made at times of elections which are forgotten till the next elections which is a pity.

Privatisation of civic services is the need of the hour so that money on public infrastructure is made accountable and at the same time is of top class. The role of BMC as well as State government too should be well defined so that they don’t pass on each other’s responsibilities and duties on each other. The Mayor which is a decorative posting too should be replaced by an paid CEO so that work in Mumbai goes on like a corporate house which has no room for leniency!

S.N. Kabra.


Karnataka get a chance now to be governed well

B.S. Yeddyurappa took oath as the 31st Chief Minister of Karnataka. The rule of the corrupt Congress– JD (S) rule came to an end. They must sack the Speaker first. Yeddi should also probe all decisions and actions taken by HD. Kumaraswamy cabinet in the last month as those would have swindled as much as they could knowing well that their days in power have numbered. People like DK Shivakumar needs to be probed in depth for past as well as current corruption. Certainly, they would have used the IT hub in Bengaluru as cash cows during the Lok Sabha elections. All their dubious actions must be exposed and brought to justice. Let Karnataka get a chance now to be governed well.

In the truncated house, BJP will certainly have the majority. They will lose trust vote only if the resignations of all those defecting MLAs are not accepted and they present themselves to vote against BJP government now – which is unlikely. Karnataka can now find relief in the fact that the travesty of coalition between parties both squarely rejected by people and their misgovernance has come to an end.

Now they will have a government with the popular support of majority of people and a CM who has really got the mandate to govern. They can look for accountability more than cries from the CM who can’t refuse to answer
for their grievances the way his predecessor did.

All this horse-trading between politicians struggling for power remind me of the proverb: When elephants fight, grass suffers. Clearly, when politicians indulge in this skull buggery, people, particularly poor people suffer. But then, whoever said that politicians were there to serve the people?

C.K. Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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