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Letters to the Editor: 30 September, 2019

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Viju Khote who went to his heavenly abode on September 30, 2019 at the ripe age of 77 was a veteran theatre and film actor. He is best known for his roles of Kalia in ‘Sholay‘ and Robert in ‘Andaz Apna Apna’. He appeared in over 300, Hindi and Marathi films and also numerous television shows and plays. He made his screen debut with the 1964 Marathi film ‘Ya Malak’ and went on to do the most iconic characters in Bollywood. He was the younger brother of actress Shubha Khote. His father Nandu Khote was a noted stage actor and actress Durga Khote was his aunt. He was last seen in the 2018 Bollywood movie ‘Jaane Kyun De Yaaron’. He will be remembered by the Bollywood film industry for the sweet roles he played in films. May God open the gates of heaven for him.

Jubel D’Cruz


Kashmir is India’s internal matter

Why is Imran Khan talking about Kashmir when Narendra Modi is not talking about Islamabad or Lahore? Kashmir belongs to India and it is an internal matter of our country as to which section or laws we impose in that State which is none of Pakistan’s business. Terrorism in Kashmir is the brainchild of Pakistan which is the reason why they are barking like dogs at every international forum as peace in J and K means their funding stops from countries like US and their tribe on which they actually thrive.

No country can survive for long on terror funding and Pakistan PM Imran Khan should actually emulate Modijis model of development and peace to strengthen his own country that today is on the verge of bankruptcy. Peace begets peace and money saved on terror can actually feed billions of people across the globe!



Ajit Pawar in a political tangle

The writing is on the wall and Ajit Pawar has no option but to quit to save his face. The dynastic rule has taken the country by storm and NCP MLAs quit the party in large numbers and face a crisis as of now. At the time, he had quit his Ministerial post following allegations of irregularities in his granting of project approvals totaling ₹20,000 crore over an eight-month period without the mandatory clearance of the governing council of the Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC) when he was Water Resources Minister between 1999 and 2009. However, after just 72 days in the political wilderness, Ajit Pawar was reinstated as Deputy Chief Minister with equal suddenness, despite the government failing to make any significant progress in its inquiry into the scam. He is total fix and finds no other way but to quit his MLA post just as a stunt and that does not give him any edge in the ensuing assembly elections.

Nikhil Krishnan

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