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Letters to the Editor: 31 October, 2019

letters to the editor, afternoon voice,Politics should not just be about portfolios and power 

BJP with 105 MLA’s in Maharashtra Assembly should have its very own Devendra Fadnavis as the Chief Minister for the next full term. Shiv Sena pressure tactics is unwarranted and BJP should not blink under pressure. In a worst case scenario, it should let Sena take support from Congress and NCP to form a government but that arrangements won’t last for more than 100 days. Politics should not just be about portfolios and power but the will and votes of the people too need to be respected. ‘Little brother’ Shiv Sena should act like a responsible party and not be lured by Congress /NCP bait in their hunger to gain power.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today has the mandate of the entire country as his alliance led by BJP swept the Parliamentary polls held recently. It is better to be in alliance with BJP than Congress/NCP that has no presence left in the country. Hope better sense prevail and Shiv Sena supports BJP to form a firm government in Maharashtra that sails through its entire term without any glitches!

S.N. Kabra


Maha showdown

The stage is set for a Maharashtra showdown as both BJP and Sena harden their stand in the wake of forming the government in the state. Maha battle for capturing power is on the cards. People’s mandate is for the BJP and Sena should not shy away from taking the secondary role. The pact was decided before the elections and BJP stood first in the tally of seats and has the right to form the government headed by Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. Bringing some politics at this stage is not a proper option as coalition politics requires the support of both the partners. Sharing CM’s chair is not an ideal option and that may lead to difference of opinion and chaos in forming the ministry in the state.

Annapurani Shanthi


Welcome day and night test matches

It’s really good to know that the BCCI has given the green signal to conduct a day and night test match with the pink ball. The Indian cricket team will play its first-ever Day/Night Test match in Kolkata against Bangladesh next month. This path breaking decision and declaration made by the new BCCI president Sourav Ganguly within a week after he was appointed the chief clearly shows that he is very much here to give a new life and a new face to modern Indian cricket. It was amazing and surprising that when almost all cricketing nations played D/N test matches a powerful cricketing nation like ours hesitated all these years to play one at home and abroad. Thumbs up to Sourav for taking this decision. We  cricket lovers have already started feeling the good changes happening in the ‘cockpit  of  Indian cricket ‘ which is definitely for the good and with a new ‘dynamic pilot’ who has cricket in his blood. Though there was some resistance from Bangladesh players the BCCI under Sourav’s leadership was able to convince them and our Indian players readily accepted this novel  test form  again clearly showing Sourav’s way of dealing with players and the game. As Sourav puts it, it’s a good development and Test cricket truly needs this push. It’s a great move for Test cricket and hopefully as Ganguly said will definitely bring back crowds to the ground. True sports lovers love changes and this change in the oldest format of cricket is definitely for the better.

M Pradyu

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