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Letters to the Editor: April 22, 2019

Serial blasts in Sri Lanka

The world is getting crueller each day and the serial blasts in Sri Lanka which have killed over 280 innocent lives comes as a shock. Terrorism has become a global phenomenon and even countries like Pakistan that breed terror outfits are not free from acts of terror. Terrorism is an attack on humanity which doesn’t differentiate between language and religion which is cause for concern in today’s world where bloodshed has become the order of the day.

The World should unite against terror and we need to eradicate terrorism from the roots. Terror camps need to be identified and targeted. Intelligence is the key to identifying terror activities and like-minded nations should pressurise nations like Pakistan to act against barbaric groups who carry out blasts across the globe. The globe should stand united with Sri Lanka in their hour of need and those responsible for blasts in the island nation should be punished!



Right to make the change

The Constitution of India gives every adult (18 years or above of age) the right to choose representatives through the exercise of his/her right to vote. The voters exercise their right to vote to elect representatives to the Lok Sabha, the State Legislative Assemblies and the local bodies down to the Gram Panchayat.

As a democratic country, India is built on the foundations of the election. Our Parliament and Legislatures are of the people, by the people and for the people. Voting is a constitutional right that we are privileged to have. We take it for granted, but the Constitution has given us the right to elect who we want, and the right to make the change.

Jubel D’Cruz


Charges against CJI needs proper investigation

It will be not wrong to say that India has been suffering from very big challenges for a couple of years. There is no institution which is not under the pressure. We don’t know who are they but it seems that they are not in favour of the country. It is needless to say that in the near past, our country has faced many failures socially, morally, economically and educationally and so on. Nowadays, once again our judiciary system is facing almost the same special kind of pressure, as Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has expressed when the allegations of sexual harassment are being hurled against him because he is hearing a sensitive case next week. If these arguments are really as true as CJI said then really it is a matter of great concern, and if reality is not as real as CJI reacted, then it is also a matter of great anguish. This matter should be investigated very carefully so that it could be clarified that it is a political ploy against CJI or reality which is not expected from such legend and big personality.

Md Azim


Who cares Model Code of Conduct?

It is very worrying that nowadays BJP leaders are not taking the Model Code of Conduct to their hearts at the time when the election process is going on all over India. There is an endless list of BJP leaders who are destroying MCC. One of them is Sadhvi Pragya who made a nonsense opinion about Karkare who was martyred for sake of the country and another BJP’s Badaun candidate Sanghmitra Maurya who said, “If people are absent on the poll day, cast a fake vote. It is high time for the Election Commission to carry out strict steps against such people who are destroying MCC. Otherwise, the Election Commission’s double standard role may lead the country to a big disastrous.

A Zafar

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