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Letters to the Editor: April 23, 2019

Pelting stones to our Nukes not for Diwali

Just because Pakistan made a veiled threat by citing its nuclear arsenal, India doesn’t need to join the verbal duel with that country, which is almost in a tattered economy state.

If a country is going to execute a nuclear option on another, the effect is so colossal that the victim-country won’t even be able to retaliate in the way how it thought it would, with its own nuclear arsenal and India has already made it clear that it won’t be the first one to use the Nuclear option.

The N” letter word is something everyone should avoid. Pakistan needs to be exposed to the wider world by India constantly. I still consider the country as a region that will come back to India one day, though even the trace of it is not even remotely visible. The internal contradictions in Pak are increasing every day.

“Our nukes not for Diwali” is a comment not in good humour to be used as mention during the ongoing election campaign. Just because it is NaMo, who used it, it does not get the sanctity.

Informed people need to pull up everyone, who makes even a slip, as it is the meek acceptance to all that is said that becomes poison.

Nickhil Krishnan


No second chance

A few months back, the BJP had lost the elections in some of its stronghold States of India like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and others. The results were seen as a clear setback to the incumbent PM Narendra Modi under whose command, the country has only seen a rising tide of extremism intolerance, especially against Christians and Muslims. We have to use our brains and vote wisely for the right candidate this time or else we will have to suffer again for the next five years under Modi’s rule.

Narendra Modi does not deserve a second chance to rule the country.

Jubel D’Cruz


A Friend in need is a friend indeed!

Mukesh Ambani’s open support to Congress candidate Milind Deora comes as a surprise as we all are aware of his loyalties to PM Modi and towards the BJP. Congress President Rahul Gandhi misses no opportunity to target Anil Ambani over Rafael deal and supporting Congress candidate in spite of all the brickbat is Mukesh Ambani’s way of proving that friendship is bigger than political loyalties. A friend in need is a friend indeed and Ambani supporting Murli Deora’s son is his way of proving that family and friends come above everything else in life.

However, there are no friends & foes in politics and the Ambani family has always been close to Gandhi’s in the past from the days of Indira Gandhi and the great Dhirubhai Ambani. So they may be keeping their options open in case Congress was to get majority which at present looks unlikely. However, Milind Deora should benefit from this support which is good as we need young & dynamic leaders like him in Parliament!


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