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Letters to the Editor: December 05, 2018

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Advent is…

Advent is a time of reflection; let us reflect.

While we think of Jesus Christ this Christmas, let us think about having:

Love instead of hatred.

Joy instead of misery.

Peace instead of strife.

Patience instead of intolerance.

Kindness instead of brutality.

Goodness instead of wickedness.

Faithfulness instead of an illusion of faith.

Gentleness instead of harshness.

Self-control instead of self-indulgence.

Fellowship instead of divergence.

Accord instead of dissension.

All these characteristics of a Christian must be to bring Christ’s light into the world. The good we bring into the world will show.

“Let us, therefore, make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.” (Romans 14:19)

– Jubel D’Cruz

Prithvi Shaw’s ankle injury really unfortunate!

Prithvi Shaw’s ankle injury a few days before India’s test series against Australia is really unfortunate. The youngster who began his test career with a century a few months back was a certainty and our team would miss his skills at the top of the order. Injuries are part and parcel of sport and I hope Prithvi gets well soon to be available for the 2nd Test.

Prithvi Shaw is an amazing talent and Australian tour is a great opportunity for the youngster to cement his place in the side. India has always struggled with openers and Prithvi has it in him to end this vacuum acquiring the solid defence of a Gavaskar and aggression of a Tendulkar. Wishing him good luck and hope he gets back to action soon!

– S.N.Kabra

Mumbai buildings in danger

Dilapidated conditions of 525 buildings are a matter of concern. It is high time to reconstruct these unsafe buildings or it may cause disasters during monsoons. The major places where such unsafe buildings have been located are Mahim, Bhandup, Sion Koliwada, Antop Hill, Kurla, Tilak Nagar.  The water soaking of these buildings during heavy rains may cause dampness and leaves high chances of these buildings coming down.  To avoid life-loss and loss to the property, BMC has served notices well in advance.  Now, it is up to the inmates to vacate their buildings and go for safer places. It is time for unsafe building residents to evacuate and give their buildings for reconstruction so that they can get back their homes by the next monsoon and avoid the embarrassment of shifting at short notice.  Let the residents not make it a prestige issue and risk their lives against the instructions of TMC/BMC.

– Akhilesh Krishnan

Tennis big three

It is happy to note that the big three of tennis circuit finished number 1, 2, and 3 and it is a good news for competitive tennis. Djokovic, Nadal and Federer are top-ranked in the ratings and this is happening after nearly 4 years.  It happened the last time in 2014. This is the first time though that each of these men spent some time at No.1 during the same year. Thus, the seven changes the year saw at the top position were the most since 1999, when there were eight. In the 2018 encore, the big three remains at the top and the old guards kept things going their way despite injuries and absence from top-class tennis.

– R. Jayanthi

Making an issue of Maratha Quota Bill

Time and again, the Ministry in power face stiff resistance from the Opposition when a bill is being presented in the Assembly.  Maratha quota bill is not an exception to this.  Not only the Opposition but even the coalition partner Shiv Sena is causing a ruckus in the Assembly on sensitive matters. The government is keen on granting 16% quota to the community, which is a good bargain, but the major problem is that even other castes may demand such allowance in jobs and admission to educational institutions. Currently, reservations in Maharashtra add up to 52%, which is more that the Supreme Court mandated cap of 50%. Thus the Maratha quota is calling shots for the time being in the winter session.

– Abhishek Rama

Kartarpur peace road

It is notable that the Kartarpur corridor will link Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, the final resting place of Guru Nanak Dev in Pakistan, to Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur and it is a welcome move.  But political circle is trying to score brownie point on the eve of elections in States. Sushma Swaraj felt that she started the comprehensive bilateral dialogue with Pakistan. Navjot Singh Sindhu is trying to take full credit for the initiative now that Pakistan is publicising and ready to open the corridor for political gains and to have better bilateral relations. Even in religious places like Sabarimala and Kartarpur corridor political wings are trying to take credit.  In the meanwhile, terror and talks cannot together and the Khalistan leader’s presence at the groundbreaking ceremony had an impact on the Kartarpur peace road.

– Arati Abhishek

Another case of fraud

Another case of fraud has been exposed as officials of the Enforcement Directorate seized documents and 126 rubber stamps of various shell companies, revealing Rs 5,700 crore of bank loan frauds by companies controlled by the TDP Rajya Sabha MP Y S Chowdary, the former junior minister for science and technology in the NDA government, and by his associates. I am so confused whom to trust as both the ED and political parties have lost their credibility. Most probably it is the conspiracy of the BJP because Naidu is emerging as a powerful Opposition stalwart trying to form an effective Mahagathbandhan. The search can also be linked with the subsequent rivalry events, right from TDP protest within and outside the Parliament, the no-confidence motion, the exit from government citing special package to AP, the overnight marriage with Congress, the pilgrimage to various states for anti-BJP tie-ups, and the recent blocking of central investigative agencies within the state etc. all points are creating massive obstacles in the way of the BJP to win 2019 election, and that’s why the BJP has played revenge politics. However, the case should be investigated properly. The truth must be revealed and if he is found guilty, then the action must be taken against him.

– QB Malik

Good opportunity for peace

It is very pleasing that India accepted Pakistan’s invitation to Kartarpur ceremony. Really, it would be better for both countries if a good and peaceful relationship exist between them. I hope Pakistan will take this opportunity to heart and come to the table to talk about peaceful existence.

– M Azim

Imran’s outreach bogus

Political gimmick of Pakistan continues to haunt relations between the two countries on peace talks. After the LoC attack and the regular intrusion of terrorist from Pakistan entering India and causing extensive damage to life and property, now Imran Khan, the Pakistani Prime Minister is extending red carpet for talks with the old enemy. It is just like pushing the cradle to make the baby sleep and at the same time pinching to make the baby weep as well. There is no hope even after 2019 polls also as Pakistan is having vested interests not to have a fruitful talk for peace in the sub-continent. Imran’s outreach is just for the benefit of people of Pakistan and India should not fall in the trap.

– Abhi Rama

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