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Letters to the Editor: December 11, 2018

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Ramesh Mohite making a mark

Winning is a habit and the best senior chess player of the satellite city of Navi Mumbai Ramesh Mohite proved this point time and again with significant victories to keep the name of seniors high by winning chess tournaments on a regular basis. He is cool as a cucumber and his each every move makes the opposition look for cover rather than going for a win. He proved beyond doubt that form is temporary and class is permanent. Ramesh is confidence personified when he plays rapid chess or a full match at various levels in the city.

Ramesh Mohite is in the news and he is the Chess wizard of 2018 from veteran’s side. He is a member of the Jestha Nagarik Sangh, Sector 9, Sanpada and since June this year he has been in the news with winning performances in the chess field. He won Grand Chess Tournament in the month of June, followed by the Rapid Chess Tournament (Magathane) in July and also made a mark in the Rapid Chess tournament (Dombvilli) in August — becoming the Best Chess player during the Independence Day matches. Sonkar Chess Championship came in his way in September followed up with NMMC Chess tournament first prize in October and to add up to that the Rapid Chess award in the veteran category — all this made him a complete player. His Rapid Chess Tournament victory in October gave him the much-needed spirit to fight at all levels. Now he again won the Rapid Chess Tournament in December to show his star performance in 2018.

He deserves Man of the Year award for all his efforts in the field of chess.

Recent success came for Ramesh Mohite as he was picked as the Best Chess Player in 1st Sumatram Chasak (Trophy) Maharashtra State opens rapid chess tournament organised by Asmita Chess and Sports Academy, Panvel on December 9, 2018. There were 192 participants from various districts viz. Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Amravati, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Satara etc. Winning a number of tournaments around the city made him a tough chess player with remarkable performances, thus helping him to win laurels and keep the name and fame of Senior Citizen’s Sangh, Sanpada flag flying high in Navi Mumbai.

– CK Subramaniam

Sonkar Chess Championship

Ambanis showcased not just their wealth but also their charitable side as the doting daughter of Mukesh Ambani weds Piramal scion to begin a new chapter in their life. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal make a happy couple and here I am wishing the made for each other couple A Very Happy and Prosperous life of marital bliss and togetherness. Beautiful Udaipur has been decked like a bride as the ‘Who’s who of the world’ has assembled in the lake city to witness the wedding of the century and perhaps the most lavish marriage celebrations ever seen.
But what caught my attention was the noble gesture from the super-rich bride and groom family of feeding over 5,000 poor families for a sumptuous and lavish meal from their own hands. The free meal as I am told, would go on for the entire stay of the Ambanis/Piramals stay in Udaipur both morning and evening which is a gesture which others should emulate while sharing personal happiness with the not so fortunate people.

– SN Kabra

Paying price for pollution

Air pollution deaths are increasing day by day and touched a new high of 1.08 lakh deaths in the year 2017. Mumbai and other metro cities are cramped with high-rise buildings and the increase in the number of vehicles on the road. Adding to that, a number of Industries are located in the outskirts throwing smoke, dirt and chemical solutions on the city on a daily basis. People suffer from air pollution deaths from particulate matter and Ozone. Rapid degradation is being felt. People suffer from both Asthma and Bronchitis throughout the year. The high-level pollution is the root cause for all the troubles and it is very difficult to put forth this problem with a congenial atmosphere. The lifeline of Mumbai, the local trains, where commuters cram themselves into the train every day and the other alternative transports that services available are not used much to reduce the pollution level. Clear air will increase life expectancy by in the state by 1.5 years, which we fail to achieve due air pollution in Maharashtra.

– Calicut Krishnan Suresh

Rohera’s record in Ranji trophy

Cricket is a team game where performance is the name of the game. Ajay Rohera etched his name in the annals of record books by scoring 267 on debut for Madhya Pradesh in the Ranji Trophy. He overhauled the aggregate of 260 runs scored by Amol Muzumdar against Haryana in 1993-94. Thus, Rohera broke a 24-year-old record. Rohera was confidence personified when he knocked a double hundred on debut in a 345 ball knock with 21 fours and 5 sixes. It was a superlative show from a debutant as MP defeated Hyderabad by an innings in style. In the process, Ajay became the highest individual scorer for MP surpassing JP Yadav’s 265. Amol Muzumdar congratulated Ajay Rohera for his record show on debut in the Ranji Trophy.

– Anandambal Subbu

Airport Attacks

Unruly behaviour at the entrance of the airport will be recorded by the security wear cameras without your knowledge. So instead of getting involved in trivial fights with security staff or with the airport staff over various issues, you will have to handle things cleverly without any altercation. The fight may start for a trivial issue may turn out to be a serious one with blows exchanged in the spur of the moment. Out of one lakh of passengers nearly 15% passengers misbehave in a fit of anger and later on realise their follies. But the camera will capture your act of arrogance and show it to the monitor keeping track of things from a security perspective. Such occurrences of fight generally takes place when asked to open their baggage during random checks or when checked, made to remove prohibited items they were carrying inside their baggage. Such unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and timely action should be taken after verifying the act through the recorded clipping. Thus, an air passenger cannot hide the act of arrogance on the entrance of airport and are compelled to behave well throughout his journey and that also includes while getting the boarding pass. Camera check is a useful tool to check unruly instances on travel.

– Nikhil Anantharaman

Parking posing problem

Parking is posing a problem in Mumbai and now getting closer to getting a parking authority is good news for vehicle users in this city. It is indeed a bold and purposeful move to form a panel of urban planners to map spaces and make a study of the area for providing parking area for the local public. The proposed parking authority is expected to target the growing problem of lack of space for vehicles. Parking space currently available is not enough to cater to the needs of increase of vehicles on the roads. The work is likely to be completed within a week and may throw open lots of parking spaces to meet the increase in fleet of cars on the road. Multi-storey parking is the only alternative for the pressing parking problem in the city.

– Jayanthy S Maniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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