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Letters to the Editor: December 14, 2018

Regulation of NGOs necessary

Intelligence Bureau’s report indicating about the misuse of Indian NGOs for anti-national agendas by foreign-contributors where it was revealed that India’s GDP has been adversely affected to a big extent of 2-3 per cent through such foreign-fundings to NGOs. Many NGOs are said to have been funded for cultural evasion in India. Foreign-funded NGOs spend in rupees and receive funds in dollars by sending these foreign-contributors exaggerated photos and videos of events dramatised to get huge foreign-funding. Many NGOs are tools to divert foreign-funds of individuals.

Siphoning of government funds for NGOs run by influential ones in political and bureaucratic circles in the name of their family members should be prevented by stopping any kind of direct or indirect funding of NGOs at public expense including from funds at discretion of Parliamentarians and State legislators. These NGOs pay lucrative salaries and perks to its officers who are either in relation to power-filled politicians and bureaucrats, or of persons running these NGOs. Buildings built on land allotted on concessional rates to NGOs should become government property because of the large-scale funding already available to these NGOs by the government. According to a study report, India has an NGO for every 400 citizens, where NGOs are mainly used as some business shops by those ‘owning’ these! Any provision of tax-exemption for ‘donations’ made to NGOs should be abolished. However, in the meanwhile all NGOs should be under purview of ‘Right-To-Information’ (RTI) Act and also of Lokpal.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal

Coins and candies

Coins are now so much plenty in circulation that many vendors give coins easily, yet most retailers have made it a practice to give candies or chocolates in place of coins even though they have sufficient coins in their cash boxes. It is a novel way to earn extra profit through such forced sale of unwanted items devised in the days when coins were in scarcity.

Central government should make a planned strategy whereby coin bags of Rs 1 and Rs 5 may be always available in all bank branches having facility to hold coin bags. Since coins of ten-rupee denominations have not attained popularity, further minting in this denomination may be stopped for time being. Instead smaller-sized plastic notes as promised quite a few years ago in Lok Sabha may be issued in ten rupee denominations. Stress may be given on minting coins only in denominations of Rs 1 and Rs 5, stopping minting of two-rupee coins also because presently with two-rupee coins in plenty as compared to rupee-one coins, consumers have to leave one-rupee balance with shopkeepers or to accept candy because of poor availability of one rupee coin. One rupee coins can fulfill the purpose of two-rupee coins as well because of less weight and multiplicity of payment-options. However, huge wastage of funds on printing of one rupee notes suddenly re-issued after a gap of two decades just for bureaucratic craze of getting their signature on notes, should be avoided by immediate stopping their printing. Forcing unwanted items in place of coins can then be made offence under law.

– Madhu Agrawal

Well-deserved slap for BJP

When the BJP came to power in May 2014, the people of the country had pinned high hopes on them, but sadly they were let down very badly by Modi and his government.  The present election reversal is a well-deserved slap on the face of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, and they paid dearly for their arrogance and complacency. They have not only made a mess of the economy but they have also brought disrepute to the institutions like the RBI and the CBI. Their politics based on religious divide is the bane of the country.

– Jubel D’Cruz

Indian political leaders lack sincerity

Nowadays, encircled in the news clip is Christian Michel, a citizen of the United Kingdom who is allegedly involved in the Rs 3,600 crore Agusta Westland copter deal’s kickback case. However, this case may provide Bhartiya Janata Party with a bit of relief in Rafael deal case, but it would be a headache for Congress Party. It seems quite clear that none of the national parties in India looks trustworthy — neither the BJP nor the Congress. Also, it is easier in India than other countries to swindle for any political party. India has all natural resources to be equipped with all possible powers, but the leaders and authorities are not sincere in this regard. India, therefore, is not being able to emerge as the most powerful country in the world simply because no one seems to be concerned about it.

– FT Mulla

Tracing Chau – a tough time

We are much surprised by the authorities handling the situation. We mean normally authorities react the only way it knows, but, for long the Sentinelese have been given their sovereignty and privacy. Now, it’s time to think. Maybe, we become vulnerable when we give in to citizenship. There are literally thousands of instances the world over, now wouldn’t it be heaven on Earth when governments respect peoples like they do the Sentinelese. Our governments take wages of our ignorance and stupidity. It is true that attempts for recovering the body of John Chau should be left but should we leave the Sentinelese tribe to live their life in the developed world? The recovery should be planned with electronic gadgets with no causalities/health issues on either side — this should be the ulterior motive.

– CKS Maniam

(The views expressed by the authors in the article are his/her own.)

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