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Letters to the Editor: February 06, 2019

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The Victory of Constitution

Finally West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee announced to pack up her “Save the Constitution” sit-in dharna against the Narendra Modi government hours after the Supreme Court directed Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar to face questioning by the Central Bureau of Investigation in the multi crore Saradha chit fund scam with a rider that the top IPS officer cannot be arrested by the investigative agency. I appreciate Banerjee’s courage to organise the sit-in against the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre and putting up a brave fight. Of course it was the victory of our Constitution and democracy that are under threat for a couple of years.



Railways lack preparedness

The recent railway accident of Seemanchal Express in Bihar has yet again exposed the vulnerabilities of a train travel in India. It is disheartening to note the fatal casualties every time an accident occurs and also the administration’s lack of preparedness to rush immediately to the accident spot of any accident.

At a time when Indian Railways is gearing up to launch high density trains like Train 18 and adding more number of premier trains like the recently launched Mumbai Rajdhani Express has kept the common man guessing as to what extent the safety is taken care of while only focusing on high end passengers. It is ironical to note that the ticket paying passenger needs to shell out additional money in the guise of reservation, supplementary, superfast charges, dynamic fares and tatkal fares to travel by any of the trains. Yet the passengers are vulnerable and face hostility when it comes to safety aspect while travelling by trains.

It is high time now that the railway administration focus highly on safety aspect by duly investing necessary manpower and pumping adequate funds. Safety department too should be empowered to tackle related issues at the divisional level itself by expanding the resources. Adequate safety related infrastructure like ambulance, fire vans and railway medical relief vans should be immediately provided in high numbers at each of the nearby railway stations across the country.

Further the Ministry should focus highly on investing much of the aspects related to passenger comfort, safe travel and reasonable fares. The recent proposal to hike fares for some trains on point to point basis on the lines of dynamic fares – a move to gain revenue from ticket subsidies offered – needs to be reviewed to be dropped and instead the focus should be shifted to safety -in the best interest of passengers.

Varun SD


Appreciate West Bengal CM

A dynamic CM of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee stepped up her attack on BJP government over the CBI attempt to question the Kolkata Police Commissioner on the chit funds scandal in West Bengal. The tragedy is that CBI is investigating unnecessary things without any strong reason, and they wanted to harass oppositions and minorities. While most of the causes are under the pending, government does not pay its heed over them; for instant, a large number of people are killed by lynchers and flee from country illegally looting the poor’s money, moreover they failed to investigate graduated young student Najeeb in capital of India. Therefore, I appreciate hearty CM of Bengal that she took a nice step to fight against corruption; definitely, she will succeed in her purpose.

Najmul Huda


It’s a good budget

It will bring happiness on the faces of everyone. However, for stable and sustainable growth and for solving unemployment problem, our big business must be urged to invest 25 per cent of profits in small and medium scale industries in villages and small towns. For example, Reliance may set up 50 cold storages in these areas and Kirloskar and Crompton Greaves to make small pumps and motors here.

A person who has been 2-time MP, no pension or any payment! That way you will garner resources. Bharat Nirman Dakshina from the rich by direct collection!

Mahendra Singh


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