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Letters to the Editor: February 19, 2019

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New batsman on the rise

Indian batsman Hanuma Vihari created Irani Cup history when he became the first player to make three consecutive centuries in the history of the tournament. He achieved this honour with his third century on Friday on day four, playing against the Ranji Trophy champion Vidarbha. Vihari had scored 183 for Rest of India against Vidarbha in last year’s Irani Cup. This year, in the ongoing tournament, he made 114 runs in the 1st innings and followed it up with 180 not out in the 2nd. Hanuma Vihari equaled Shikhar Dhawan’s feat of scoring twin hundreds in an Irani Cup match. He is a prolific scorer in first-class cricket and has impressed all cricket fans by his immense batting performance nowadays. I wish, he will keep it up and emerge in the future as a great Indian batsman in the world.

Muhammad Zaid


Their martyrdom won’t go in vain

The sacrifice of our brave 40 Jawans of CRPF in Pulwama of Jammu and Kashmir won’t go into vain, as very much rightly said our PM Narendra Modi as well as the Vice President M. Vakayyah Naidu. The need of the hour is to destroy Sargodha, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, ISI headquarters and all its branches and all the terror outfits, their training camps and all the warehouses of their arms and ammunition in Pakistan and PoK immediately by means of the heaviest ever bombarding by the traditional bombs. Indiscriminately, all the citizens and the youth of our entire nation are with all our security forces, including CRPF.

Hansraj Bhat


Tremor in Palghar

Why we have not studied faults in the Palghar stretch. Is it not our duty to study barrows faults in India as well as the ocean floor changes, sea level changes, also study in detail the most susceptible areas in The North. We should apprise the people in the Regions appropriately and advise on precautions to be taken. Simultaneously, strengthen the disaster management machinery in all the coastal and Earth quake-prone areas. Whether the Palghar quakes are a swarm, however, will only be clear after they stop. Researchers will then categorise them based on the distribution of the magnitude. Even if the magnitude distribution so far suggests a swarm and that is dangerous. If and when that happens, the temblors so far will be called foreshocks, as there is no way to predict whether such a large quake will follow, Palghar residents must be careful.

CKS Maniam


School bus accident

A stitch in time saves nine is true. Rash and negligent driving cause accidents involving school bus carrying children. In Palghar bus accident, rash and negligent driving caused a gruesome accident. Bus drivers should not be given license if there is a semblance of doubt about their capabilities in driving. It is time to take punitive action against erring drivers. It is further noted that Bus operators should not carry more students exceeding one and half time of seats. Human life is precious and students are the future of this country. In the wake of rising school bus accidents, RTO should conduct an inspection of School Buses periodically and prevent accidents of this nature.

Jayanthy Anandambal

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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