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Letters to the Editor: January 16, 2019

United We Stand

The win of Congress  in three big states has increased the reputation and significance of Congress is also big, that even in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, the BSP alliance is formed with the Congress in the two states If there is unity in Congress in Uttar Pradesh, even political analyst says that if Congress is successful in the states, Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav will not be able to ignore the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, which became the fourth largest power in the Uttar Pradesh, they can become a factor and in Uttar Pradesh. Mayawati and Akhilesh can force the Congress to join this alliance for the kind of union that Congress and Rahul Gandhi played an important role in Bihar; this alliance was defeated by Modi and Amit Shah’s pair and now in the same year in Uttar Pradesh in 2019. Now only we can say that united We stand divided We fall.

Hafiz Muhammad Ilyas

Happy Pongal

Pongal, also referred to as the ‘harvest festival’, is observed by the people of Tamil Nadu, located in the Southern part of India. The idea behind celebrating this day is the gratification of people towards their God — the Sun, for bringing about the season of harvest, which is a boon for them.

A few day before the festival, people particularly the women, cleans and decorates the whole house with flowers. They use swastik and kumkum to embellish big earthen vessels. The pit is filled with water and rice by either the youngest or the oldest member of the family. As per the traditions, it is of paramount importance to add some milk to water in which rice is cooked which is to be offered to the sun. People who get involved in cooking rice for the God have to take utmost care of cleanliness. They are not supposed to step over the rangoli which has been designed for decoration.

Jubel D’Cruz


Historic 10% quota bill cleared

Central government cleared 10 per cent quota bill and it ensures wider canvas for our Youngistan to display their talent and contribute towards India’s transformation in the years to come.  Thus, the government’s historic 10 per cent quota bill for economically weaker section cleared in Rajya Sabha with a clear margin and the so called Opposition unity came cropper. It was a master stroke by Modi and that will be in effect once President give his nod it will become a reality. The government termed this legislation as a shot in the arm and the timing was fashioned towards the fag end of its tenure and considered by the ruling partners as a slog over six. The opposition unity came cropper in the end game and the gathbandhan members call it a foul despite approval in Parliament and Rajya Sabha with a clear verdict.

Arati Abhishek


Bus strike paralysed city

BEST bus strike paralysed the city and daily commuters suffered the most. It is not fair on the part of the Public Transport system to make people suffer for their demands. Long queues were witnessed in most part of the city and that gave a bad picture.  Both ladies and school going children suffered the most. Senior Citizens and people with health problems stood for a very long time to get a bus or any other transport for going to their destination. The city was caught napping by a near total strike by the BEST drivers and conductors. Lakhs of daily commuters, including students appearing for their exams had to trudge to the nearest Railway Station as the Government failed to provide alternate transport. Thus, BEST strike not only paralysed the city and it almost came stand still as alternate transport was not available and local trains was the only last resort to commute within the city.

Akhilesh Krishnan


Historic Series win

Team India script history and that too in Australian soil with a series win and that too 70 years of test match cricket down under. There is no excuse that the Australian side was weak of just an A team of the Kangaroos. The win by Kohli’s men is counted as an historic win and each and every player contributed to this win. Ashwin, who played only at Adelaide managed 62 runs stand with Pujara in the first test and that paved way for a 31 runs victory to begin with. Ashwin took four vital wickets in the first innings and that put an end to an Australian resurgence in the series. The other two spinners also performed well in the final test to have a firm like grip and an unassailable lead in the series. Both Agarwal and Pujara played to a plan to put up huge score and that neutralised the chances of Australia making a comeback in the series. In all it was team work that made the difference and the Aussies were just push over in a fierce fight.

Kudos to Kohli’s invincible side!

Jayanthi Chitra Rugmini


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