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Letters to the Editor: January 18, 2019

Dance bars reopen

I welcome the SC’s decision on dance bars. Every major city in the world has a nightlife. It is the only mode of entertainment. As long as money is not thrown on dancing girls, drug abuse is avoided, women are not exploited and there is no forced prostitution. But, the authorities must ensure that such places do not become a den of prostitution for goons to operate.

Jubel D’Cruz  


RS member mocking illness of Amit Shah

It refers to the unfortunate mocking of illness of BJP President Amit Shah by four-time Rajya Sabha member BK Hariprasad of Congress. Every sensible politician always exhibits courtesy to send good wishes for early recovery even to bitter-most political rivals. However, BK Hariprasad broke all records of inhumanity by cursing a seasoned politician on his illness.

Politics and political happenings apart, Congress President should feel regret on ugly comments made by the senior leader of his party to prevent the downfall of Indian politics to as low as has been made by BK Hariprasad.

Madhu Agrawal


Kerala govt and NCW should interfere

It refers to shocking news about the Jalandhar-based Missionaries of Jesus asking four nuns to comply with transfer order and move out of the congregation-premises in Kottayam after they staged a protest demanding the arrest of Bishop Franco Mulakkal, who has been accused of rape by a nun. It is noteworthy that the protest by nuns had led to of Franco Mulakkal removal as bishop of Jalandhar. While the four nuns have been issued transfer-orders to four different states, another one Neena Rose also having participated in protest has not been issued transfer-order.

Such transfer-posting of nuns is a punishment for standing for justice in favour of their colleague. Kerala government and National Commission for Women NCW should intervene in the matter to ensure that four nuns may not be punished through transfer-posting till finalisation of the rape-case against Franco Mulakkal who was even once arrested for the rape-charge levelled against him. Religion must not be taken as an excuse where so many self-acclaimed religious heads of Hindus were treated as per law for notorious acts committed by them.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Increase frequency

The train number 17309/17310 Yeswantpur-Vasco Bi-weekly Express runs from Bengaluru via Hubballi-Londa-Madgaon Junction. The train has now formed as an important lifeline connecting to Goa especially during festivals and holiday seasons. As the train links Madgaon which acts as a prominent transit station on Konkan Railway and helps the passengers to quickly connect towards Mumbai and its suburb stations like Navi Mumbai, Belapur, Vashi, Panvel, Vasai Road, Kalyan, and Thane.

Sir, since long the train has been operating only on a bi-weekly basis without much change in either increase in the frequency or extension of the train to run on a daily basis. This has caused an inconvenience to many regular passengers as there is now an urgent need for a daily train to Madgaon from Bangalore. Though the arrangement to connect to Vasco and Madgaon exists through slip coach from Bangalore by 16589/16590 Rani Chennamma Express, it is of little help as the slip-coach consists of just one AC 3 Tier and one Sleeper class.

As Bangalore is now witnessing the heavy influx of passengers to Goa all through the year due to the holiday season, festivals and popular events like International Film Festival of India held every year in Goa, there is a now a high necessity for daily train connectivity to Madgaon. The connectivity may be arranged with a suggestion to increase in the frequency of the existing 17309/17310 Yeswantpur-Vasco Bi-weekly Express to run as a daily train.

Hence this is a kind request to the concerned authorities of Konkan Railway administration (headquartered at Bealpur CBD, Navi Mumbai) to urgently consider the suggestion to increase the frequency of 17309/17310 Yeswantpur-Vasco Express from the existing bi-weekly service to a seamless daily service. Upon commencement of the daily services, the present slip coaches arrangement by Rani Chennamma Express may also be merged, into its existing rake for further optimum utilization.

Varun Srinivas


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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