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Letters to the Editor: July 05, 2018

1) CoA should have reacted prior to DDCA elections

It refers to media reports about Vinod Rai, chairperson of Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) for ensuring implementation of Justice RM Lodha committee report in respect of Board for Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) on July 3, 2018, warning that the election results of recently held elections to Delhi and District Cricket Association (DDCA) could be annulled because of ethical and constitutional inadequacies, further pointing out that elections took place without a constitution that is endorsed by the Supreme Court and DDCA failure in putting in place the Supreme Court-advocated checks and balances to avert possible conflict of interest situations.

But Vinod Rai should have reacted prior to the elections held under the supervision of High Court-appointed administrator Justice Vikramajit Sen. However, it is noteworthy that elections witnessed an extraordinary amount of money spent by groups contesting elections. Necessary safeguards should be ensured for future elections for DDCA or any other state-level cricket-body so that money-power in campaigning may be restricted. Moreover, for the convenience of candidates and voters, groups contesting for all posts should be recognised with particular names and group-candidates may be numbered according to alphabetical names of groups to be placed on top on Electronic Voting System. Independent candidates can be placed alphabetically after group-candidates. Since voters are mostly literate ones, even system of preferential voting can be implemented to avoid candidates winning because of the split of votes.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) LIC branches can be reduced

It refers to public sector LIC of India proposing for acquiring 51 per cent stake in the public sector IDBI Bank which is not doing well presently. Even there were talks of making IDBI Bank again a financial institution doing away with retail banking. But this is certainly a better remedy that LIC of India enters retail banking by having a major holding in IDBI Bank.

Such a step can provide a single window to customers for banking and insurance, which may make IDBI Bank with managing control of LIC of India, a favourite choice for banking. Such managing control of LIC of India in IDBI Bank can result in huge fund-saving for LIC of India if properly planned. Every branch of IDBI Bank then is automatically become a branch of LIC of India also where the business of nearing branches of LIC of India can be transferred. Presently, it is observed that LIC of India has too many branches with even some branches located in the same premises.

LIC of India rather should go for a mega-merger plan for its nearing branches which will save huge because of saving on rent, salary bill and other overheads. Plan of LIC of India having major controlling share-holding in IDBI Bank needs urgent implementation in the interest of all concerned including customers of LIC of India and IDBI Bank.

– Madhu Agrawal


3) Front page fear

In the national news, daily three news reports of unnatural deaths in groups were reported and cause fear among the news readers. Lynching has become part and parcel of the present-day situation and Dhule reported to be a silent place saw five people were lynched on hysteria about child abduction. It is yet another case of low tolerance threshold in a society bedevilled with fault lines and social cleavages, which of late is manifesting in mindless violence. It is even worse than the honour killing taking place. Again, mass hanging of family shocked the capital as 11 members of a family were found dead and some of them blindfolded and hanging from an iron grill in the ceiling at their home. It was a strange sight and now a tantrik angle is suspected for the killings.  Handwritten notes found in house revealed detailed instructions on how to kill the family members. Further, Jalalabad in Afghanistan saw 10 Sikhs were killed among 19 in a suicidal bomb attack. It was unfortunate that the Sikhs were on their way to meet Afghan President, when the bomb attack took place. In all, it was the fear factor on the frontal page of newspapers and create a sense of fear among the people about the strange things happening.

– Anandambal Subbu


4) Monsoon rains keeping up the date

The latest information by weather bureau reveals that monsoon rains for June are surplus this season. The weather office reported 100 per cent monsoon rains predicted at the start in the month of June this year and monsoon rains keeping up the date. The weather forecast for this year’s monsoon rains came almost on the dot as we expect surplus rains are on the cards with three more months of rains left out. It is a good sign as the Indian economy had a direct impact on the good rains and it is a welcoming one. This year there is sufficient rainfall this monsoon season. The start was good and the rains sustained for the most part of the monsoon. The possibility of heavy rainfall is on the forecast in the next couple of months and that is most encouraging.

– Nickhil Krishnan


5) Spare the rod, spoil Kejriwal

Kejriwal does not want to work sincerely and silently. He wants to be one up in his efforts to have a quantum jump up the political ladder and embarrass the central government.

Delhi LG should not be a bureaucrat. I pleaded for Anupam Kher.

He wants to embarrass Modi. Such indiscipline can be easily tackled. If I am helpless, do you mean the Rashtrapatiji is also helpless?

How an ordinary man transforms himself into a diplomat on getting a high office.

Spare the rod and spoil Kejriwal.

Too much indiscipline is plaguing our country together with a huge untrained worthless manpower.

The government must bring in 1000 foreign technicians to assist in training our youth. 100 teachers in Maths and English be brought in from Lahore to Gujarat to teach in colleges here.

Whatever good or bad Modi may have done but surely he has spoilt the work culture and that’s why the country is suffering.

– Mahendra Singh

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