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Letters to the Editor: July 13, 2018

1) Mission ‘impossible’ accomplished!

Twelve-member Thai youth football team had a miraculous escape after 18 days in a ‘death cave’ as the world united by sending expert deep sea divers on a rescue operation that looked impossible to accomplish. All boys along with their coach are lucky to be alive as fate pulled them out of the ‘doomsday’ when their survival looked bleak. The whole episode is a lesson on disaster management as the Thai government acted on a war footing to rescue citizens of their country by grouping experts from across the globe.

Disaster management is virtually missing in our country and a city like Mumbai is marooned during rainfall. We can’t fill potholes and here is a nation like Thailand that pulled citizens out of fatal holes without they getting a scratch. FIFA World Cup organizers too deserve applause by sending an invitation to the rescued boys to watch the finals in Moscow!

– S.N.Kabra


2) Picking from the perils of downpour

Mumbai saw its wettest 24 hours in July in four years, with 184mm of rain recorded and there appears to be no respite from inclement weather, with the India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecasting similar conditions through the week. Such situation have become a normal affair in Mumbai. Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It should make arrangements to face natural calamities especially when it is by the side of the sea. Instead, downpour shuts down picnic and trekking sport in Thane. The Pandakadvu waterfall in Kharghar is also shut to avoid tragedies taking place in the corridor. Both Nalasapora and Vasai-Virar corridors were flooded and Navy help was called to bring things back to normal. Mumbai monsoon rains brought more miseries and the number of potholes increased in large numbers. Travelling through the wet road brought nightmarish experience and BMC is to be blamed for this situation. After all the water logging and water-related diseases, the corporation should be able to work out a plan and bring out plans that will see that these problems did not recur next monsoon season. With better planning, we can bring our a change in the functioning of BMC.

– Nickhil Krishnan


3) Pornography is prime evil

There is no limit of brutal and inhuman ancients in India. Every day such incidents take place in various parts of the country. What would drive a man to chop off his son’s palm while he is asleep? What would drive a man to beat his wife so mercilessly that she has to be rushed to an Intensive Care Unit for treatment? The answer, in one word, is porn. Porn can seriously affect social life. Abstinence from porn can lead to stress or distress. Sometimes it urges a man to take inhuman and brutal action. So, we should avoid pornography at all.

– Ashfaque Nadwi


4) Healthy life happy life

Physical activities in schools help students to develop qualities like tolerance, leadership, discipline and team spirit. Although a majority of schools have a form of physical education, there are so many students that do not take part in these activities. It is important to conduct more physical activities so that all students can take part in it. Physical education should be better enforced for both the teachers and the students.

This means that the teachers should focus on giving the students more ways to be involved in class instead of slacking off. The class should be longer so there would be more exercises for students. Physical activities are also important to improve the health of students. These students need to get more informed about their health to help make their future better because a healthy life is a happy life.

– Md Rustam Parwez


5) Educate all farmers

Since agriculture is one of the largest industrial sectors of developing the country which lies in the hands of peasants majority of whom are yet illiterate and unaware of modern technologies and ways of farming to make their crops better and more profitable.

Therefore, the greatest responsibility which goes to the government is to educate farmers at least their children in whose hands Indian agriculture will fall in future so as they can play a great role in developing India by utilising these modern technologies and ways of farming.

– Mohd.Aabid

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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