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Letters to the Editor: June 13, 2018

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1) United Kingdom more dangerous than Pakistan!

The cat is finally out of the bag and Britain has confirmed that Nirav Modi is in their country. Britain has become a hotbed for political asylum and most of India’s financial ‘terrorist’ find the United Kingdom safer than any part of the globe. The likes of Nirav Modi, Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya and their tribe are having a gala time thereafter syphoning off thousands of crores of honest taxpayers money deposited in the Indian banks.

The United Kingdom seems to be more dangerous than our foe No. 1 Pakistan.

Pakistan indulges in a cross-border terrorism where a few hundred people die, while Britain gives shelter to financial fraudsters who have looted the Indian banks which is responsible for thousands of people including farmers committing suicides in our country. Modi government needs to alter laws with the UK so that no Indian citizen is able to get asylum in that country!

– S.N.Kabra

2) BJP must accept the challenge for complete statehood

All the major political parties of Delhi including BJP have been demanding complete statehood to Delhi whenever these are in opposition. But such demands are always forgotten when such demand-raising political parties come to power. Now, it is for BJP to accept or decline the challenge given by Delhi Chief Minister that his party AAP would support BJP in next elections in case, ruling BJP at centre fulfils its promise on the grant of complete statehood to Delhi.

It is surprising that none of BJP spokesperson or leader has reacted to the challenge given by Delhi Chief Minister. Even TV channels which normally have no news to be telecast usually repeating old stories of jailed Babas have not held panel-discussion of such an important political issue.

– Madhu Agrawal

3) Metro push needed to generate funds

To ensure good connectivity between the Metro corridors in the city, the state government has decided to introduce fast track of speed up Metro 2 work.  The Maharashtra government has asked Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMC)(DMRC)’s technical support to increase the network to 120 km from 11.4 km now. Now, the State Government is on the move to give a push to development project along metro corridors. This is a right step in the right direction. The aim is to allow transit-oriented development and an aim to generate funds for metro projects. This is required to expedite the implementation of the Mumbai Metro-II Dahisar Mankhurd corridor (40.2 km), Mumbai Metro-III Colaba-SEEPZ (Santacruz Electronics Export Processing Zone) corridor (33 km) and the Wadala Kasarvadavali corridor (32 km). These three Metro lines entail an investment of Rs 67,838 crore and it will provide the best connectivity within the city. It is time to generate funds and make metro dream come true.

– Chitra Krishnan

4) Congress’ five-starred iftar seems political affair rather than religious ritual

Much talked-about iftar party by the Congress President on June 13, 2018 at five-starred Taj Palace Hotel (New Delhi) proves to be a political affair rather than a religious ritual even before it is held when the party decided not to invite former President Pranab Mukerji (one of the greatest stalwart of the party) evidently for his accepting RSS invitation to address its tri-annual gathering and others considered to be politically untouchables like Chief Minister of Delhi at the mega-event.

It is customary otherwise in Islam that even the greatest personality going to offer Namaz sits normally without being offered a privileged place in front. Holding five-star iftar keeping commoners and others considered as political untouchables away is thus not in tune with Islamic traditions. It is simply a political drama organised as a privileged get-together with an eye on forthcoming Lok Sabha elections to be held in the year 2019 or earlier.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal

5) Like father like son

Once again we have an opportunity to see Tendulkar clan taking the field for India under-19 squad. Arjun Tendulkar, son of batting great Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is named in the India under-19 team to tour Sri Lanka. Like father, the younger one will get exposure to play competitive cricket at a young age for India. A gifted left-hander Arjun is a team man with his all-round ability. He can deliver left arm over the wicket medium pace and bat in the middle of the order to bolster India’s chances in junior cricket. With the new ball, he will be a difficult customer with a slip cordon support for his outgoing delivery. The junior Tendulkar did play in England under the watchful eyes of his father and was able to knock Indian test team nets to assist the current set of the Indian players. He will be a difficult customer in the seaming conditions in Sri Lanka and prove a better option in one day matches with his dual role. In the past, we have seen Sunil Gavaskar son Rohan Gavaskar came to prominence and played for India. We wish him success in his endeavour and perform well at the highest level like his father and bring laurels to our country and keep the Indian flag aloft in the International arena for a long time.

– Nickhil Krishnan

6) Duped Investment

I am a 71-year-old Divyang man from Borivali, Mumbai. Many years ago, I had invested my hard-earned money in FDs of a few ‘limited’ companies, of which nearly Rs 1,05,000 have not been refunded to me till date, though these FDs are over matured. I am a common man, but this amount is not small for me at all. There must be lakhs of duped investors like me in our nation. The Modi govt. is earnestly requested to help out all of us at the earliest and oblige.

– Hansraj Bhat 

7) Wishing Vajpayee a speedy recovery

At a time what the country is worried about the health condition of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, leaders are trying to score brownie points by visiting the ailing leader first in an effort to achieve something phenomenal. Rahul Gandhi did visit the former PM at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences to inquire about the health and other leaders from the ruling party followed suit. We wish the veteran BJP leader a speedy recovery and there must be restrictions on seeing prominent leaders and that too in the intensive care unit of the famous hospitals. Visitors are not allowed in ICU if a common man is admitted, whereas there is a beeline for seeing a great leader like Vajpayee and that too in ICU. We are all worried about the health condition as he undergoes dialysis and his health vitals are a matter of concern, the standoff between leaders to see the ailing leader appears a matter conjecture rather than any real worry. We wish Vajpayee a speedy recovery.

– Anandambal Subbu

8) Monsoon musings

Monsoon weather is playing with IMD reports and we see an indifferent climate after early rains. BMC is busy with rain show review and providing better updates rather than look at planning. Even though technology is applied to rescue people from drowning with an appropriate warning with a Beach Safety appeal to citizens. Despite all the warnings the students show their acrobatic nature and did not follow the instructions. They fail to strictly follow guidelines of not to exceed the limit stipulated on the signboards around the coast. By totally ignoring warning signals the students endangered their lives in the name of adventure. Now, it is time to have a policy to compensate victims of tree falls and falling on open manholes in the city limits.

– Jayanthy S. Maniam

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