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Letters to the Editor: March 12, 2019

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Now Rs 20 coin being forced

It refers to the shocking announcement coming from Coin and Currency Division of Department of Economic Affairs (Union Finance Ministry) about double-coloured 12-edged polygon dodecagon-shaped Rs 20 coins with a diameter of 27 millimetres. The decision comes at a time when general people are not at all comfortable with prevailing Rs 10 coins already in circulation for last so many years. Frequent reports of the unacceptability of these Rs 10 coins has even led the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issuing warning for legal action against those not accepting 10-rupee coins.

It is beyond understanding who at Union Finance Ministry takes such unwise decisions like the present one of issuing heavy twenty-rupee coins. Otherwise, also, the system must be to issue either currency-note or coin of a particular denomination. Only recently the RBI announced the issue of new-designed smaller-sized currency-notes in the remaining denomination of rupees twenty.

Since the life of smaller-denomination currency-notes is less in comparison to those in higher denominations, plastic currency already successful in many other countries should be issued to start with notes in denominations of Rs 10 and 20 with the minting of coins in these denominations stopped immediately.

Madhu Agrawal


PM must fulfil all his promises

If PM Modi is so keen on winning the 2019 elections and coming back to power, he should cater to the needs of the common man and fulfil all the promises he made (and he has been making) since the last five years. Most of the promises he has made has been fulfilled till date. He should also treat the minority communities (read Christians and Muslims) in the same way he has been treating the Hindus.

Jubel D’Cruz


SSC answer sheet fiasco

After the Mumbai University tantrums, now the SSC Board is facing a peculiar problem. The Urdu paper answer sheet was missing and a probe being ordered and to find out the cause, CCTV footage is called for. In the wake of leakage of papers, the officials are asked to keep their phones in a sealed bag before the exams begin to ensure malpractices don’t happen during the examination. To add fuel to the fire, centre change created a stir at Rabodi and the subsequent chaos caused confusion among the students. Thus, we come across controversies from the beginning of SSC examination and Mumbai division face maximum wrath of the students with total disturbance.

Gundu K Mani

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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