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Letters to the Editor: March 22, 2019

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Necessary Electoral Reforms

Many political parties have announced their probable list of candidates and the first list as announced no doubt includes the incumbents and trump cards assuring of the respective parties of a sure win.

Of late, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is striving to bring out effective and necessary Electoral Reforms. The ECI since ages is accepting only physical submission of nomination papers and withdrawals by the candidates in the probable election fray. As technology now has outpaced the need for many paper-based formalities, it is ironical that the ECI still adopts archaic paper-trail based system to accept nomination papers for the Lok Sabha/Assembly election candidates.

Hence, the process of submitting nomination papers i.e. Form 2A to the Returning Officer under his physical presence can now be replaced by a simple online submission and due verification of forms. The online submission process can be effective to streamline applications and reduce the burden on the ECI for physical verification. The move further helps to avoid the needless pomp and splendour of a candidate’s charisma displayed prior to filing a nomination and much before the polls itself. The voters, on the other hand, will be relieved of the unnecessary hassles one has to face owing to such a grandeur including frustrating traffic chaos in many cities.

As a nodal agency for Elections in the largest Democracy of the world, the ECI should now quickly focus to lessen its dependency on paper-based formalities in any elections to reduce the carbon footprint. It should further quickly transition to online nomination process by duly replacing all the paper trail based formalities- duly applicable to both voters and candidates.

Varun SD

Appropriate word is ‘Hutatma’ and not ‘Shahid’!

It is said that India was a very prosperous country earlier. Its proofs are found in the history of ancient India. Later, Muslim invaders attacked and stayed here, establishing a one-man rule. They not only attacked our wealth but also our Indian culture. Afterward, even the British followed them. All these invasions have affected our language and living style. There are several spoken languages in many parts of this country which have a lot of influence of Urdu and English. Soldiers and police, who lay down their lives while protecting this country and her people, are referred to as ‘Shahid’ which is the effect of such influence. ‘Shahid’ is an Urdu word and Muslims use this word for persons dying in religious wars, by calling them as ‘Fedayeen’ or ‘Shahid’. In a secular country like India, however, serving the nation doesn’t mean serving any particular Sect; therefore, by referring to soldiers laying their lives for the country, as ‘Shahid’, is an insult of the bravery shown by them. A person, who offers life for the protection of the nation, is called sacrifice and that person as ‘Balidaani’. In ‘Sanskrit’ it is called as a great soul (Mahan Aatmaa) sacrificing life for the country i.e. ‘Hutatma’ which is an appropriate word. On March 23, the British Government hanged great revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev, and Rajguru and this day is celebrated as ‘Shahid Divas’ to commemorate their sacrifice. This day should be celebrated as ‘Rashtriya Hutatma Divas’ by understanding the real meaning of the word ‘Shahid’.

Jagan Ghanekar

Maintain sanctity of ‘Holi’!

‘Holi’ means a festival to make resolve of destroying evil attitudes and wrong thoughts; but owing to malpractices followed in celebrating this festival since last few years, the sanctity of this festival is diminishing. Under the guise of celebrating this festival, water filled balloons are thrown at people right from a week prior to this festival. The balloons are thrown from terraces of buildings, at trains, buses or plastic bags filled with water are used for this purpose, with mainly women as targets. Throwing such balloons results in mishaps like people losing eye-sight or becoming handicapped for life etc. Things are stolen from others to take revenge and burnt in ‘Holi’. On the day of ‘Dhuli-vandan’, chemical colours are used for playing with colours which lead to skin diseases in some cases. Rotten eggs are thrown at people; lewd remarks are passed at women; money is extracted from people. Police have to issue orders through government for preventing such malpractices which is quite shameful for us. Every religious festival under Hindu Dharma has noble purpose of welfare of people and bringing them together. Celebration of festivals by understanding the science, leads to happiness; but considering the hideous form in which sacred festival like ‘Holi’ is celebrated, Hindus need to realise that they are insulting their own Dharma.

Mokshada Ghanekar


Parrikar was a true politician

Goa’s CM Manohar Parrikar was a true politician in letter and spirit. As the Defence Minister, he stood with the forces and boosted the morale of Defence personnel. He was one of the great leaders in the Indian politics. May his soul rest in peace! Goa has lost a great CM.

Jubel D’Cruz


Appoint Indian Cricket Coach ASAP

The Committee of Administrators (CoA) and BCCI have recently provided partial extension to the tenure of Indian cricket team’s coach. While the other three coaches appointment have been relaxed for now until the end of the World Cup, BCCI should now waste not much of time and instate immediate head hunting process for the selection of Indian Cricket Coach. BCCI should take necessary steps to follow due process for the apportionment without affecting any cricket schedule like the upcoming World Cup. It is now understood, of late, that the selection process of a coach for the Indian cricket team  is a no longer an ordinary process, considering the recent Lodha Committee recommendations bound to be followed by BCCI.

As also such a process will ensure many aspirants to prepare and take charge of the team India if selection process is completed by the end of the World Cup. The process of selection of a coach should not be completely dependent on an individual’s availability but by duly acknowledging respect the commitment towards the team. Of late, the process of selection of Indian Coach has run into troubled waters with the team and management.

BCCI, by now following due process as set by CoA for coaches selection, should now ensure that no incidents related to the selection occurs which embarrass the fans and cricket fraternity and the game itself as well. The much regarded sanctity in the selection of a coach should be set with high standards, unlike the previous occasion which witnessed major setbacks during the tenure of a working coach and resulting in most embarrassing public outcry and almost denting the image of the position of a coach.

Varun SD


Maharashtra poll race open

Maharashtra poll race is open. Both Congress and NCP joining ranks to fight against a strong BJP but the odds are even in a rat race. BJP-Sena gets a good start but NCP is a force to reckon with. Even though MNS is just a push over, other allies can pose problem. NCP has good chance in Baramati and Amaravati but the sugar belt may be the game changer. In the Mumbai city, NCP can help out the Congress cause in garnering votes.  But the vote bank politics between the two parties may spoil their hopes in direct fights. In all, it is love all at this stage, but the coalition partners should not fight between themselves and handover an advantageous position on the platter to the ruling party.

Anandambal CK

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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