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Letters to the Editor: March 4, 2019

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Two alleged operatives of JeM held in Deoband

The two Kashmiri youths were allegedly recruiting new members for the terror outfit under the guise of students, the Police said. The Uttar Pradesh police on Friday arrested two alleged operatives of Pakistan based terror outfit JeM in Deoband Saharanpur on Friday. The Kashmiri youths arrested by the Uttar Pradesh Anti-terror Squad were identified as Shahnawaz Tali and Aqib Ahmed Malik. While Tali is from Kulgam, Malik is a resident of Pulwama, Jammu, and Kashmir, officials from the Uttar Pradesh Anti-terror Squad said. The arrests were made on the inputs from a student in DBD, ATS said without revealing the identity. The two-32 bore pistol in their rooms after a search operation by the U.P. ATS IG, the police said “Jihadi chat, video, and photos” were found in their mobile phones, the police said. The ATS claimed that the two were recruiting new members for the terror outfit.

MD Hasiburrahman


Famine due to lack of moisture in soil

Famine is causing concern for farmers and to add fuel to the fire, we find a lack of moisture in the soil to add misery to the agriculture sector in this country. With a number of irrigation projects overrun the time limit stipulated for completing, now the State will have to face cost escalation of over Rs.60000 crores as per the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG). This includes Dam Project at Karjat in which cost escalation amounts to 500 per cent increase and the projects are hanging for over 30 years shows the lackadaisical approach of the State’s irrigation department. A study reveals 601 projects overrun by over Rs.60000 crores and other 77 projects are on the list for the last 30 years and some of them for 15 years all show the disinterest in these projects and the resultant cost escalation. Taxpaying public will have to bear the brunt of this escalation and the farmers commit suicide without proper irrigation system in Vidharbha and Marathwada region.

Chitra Rugmini


Latecomers had it

Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) Examination started on a good note with English paper to begin on the first day. But the deadline of 11.20 am was not followed by 6 latecomers and they were turned away on day 1 and that set the tempo for the things to follow in this year’s HSC examinations. The students take everything for granted and pay price for lethargy. Mumbai division is very strict as the late entrants try hard to get leaked question papers. By bringing mobile into the examination hall, the students try to pass on part or full question paper through Whatsapp and the late entrants just wait for that signal. Now they get the punishment and may not repeat the same again.

Arati Abhishek Rama

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