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Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2019

Wrong to turn Burqa controversy into a political debate!

India is a cosmopolitan country and religious sentiments of every section of society must be respected by all. A burqa is a traditional dress for Muslim women and nobody including the law should have any objections to it. However, today we are living in the world where security has become a threat and some portion of the face should be visible for identification purpose as many anti-social elements take advantage by getting dressed in the garb of a burqa to carry out blasts which need to be taken care of by the law.

The Muslim community is a part of our nationality and they should rather take the lead themselves by asking women from their fraternity to stitch burqas in a manner where the veil that covers the face is of a transparent material where the face is clearly visible for identification purpose. It is for their own safety and security of the country of which they are themselves a part of. Hope better sense prevails and controversy related to burqa is not turned into a political debate!

S.N. Kabra


Ban on ‘Burka’ and India

Sri Lankan President took a decision of imposing a ban on ‘Burka’ and ‘Niqab’ after a week of bomb blasts carried out in that country. The decision taken for the security of the country is welcomed. It is worth to mention that such a decision was taken just a week after the blasts; learning a lesson from the same. It is the duty of every citizen to calmly extend support to a decision taken by the government for national security. Such a decision should be taken even in India. It is difficult for our existing security agencies to check who is going where and for what purpose in this country with a population of more than 130 crores as the manpower is comparatively less for such population. It, therefore, becomes difficult to find out who is actually walking behind such ‘Burka’ or ‘Niqab’ and its purpose, despite police patrolling at public places.  Indian government like Sri its Sri Lankan counterpart should take a similar decision so as to reduce tension on police machinery. Taking such a decision is necessary for India though no government has thought about the same, so far. India is facing problems like terrorists’ and Naxalite attacks, infiltration by Bangladeshi citizens etc; therefore, India should learn from a small country like Sri Lanka and take firm steps.

Shakuntala Baddi


Pakistan should handover Masood Azhar to India

It refers to grand diplomatic victory for India when ultimately it was successful in getting Masood Azhar declared global terrorist by UNO with now even China supporting the motion at UNO. India has a solid claim to ask Pakistan to hand over Masood Azhar not only because of so many proofs given by our country against Masood Azhar.

A renewed claim can now be made on the ground that he was forcibly released from India through hijack of IC-814 plane by making innocent passengers of flight as hostages for a bargain of the release of terror-machine Masood Azhar. Pakistan has no ground to reject such a demand from India because no one can deny his release from India under pressure of plane hijacking.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal


Clunkers cleared

It is notable that the scrapyard is cleared 322 clunkers got away in the first auction. It is a right step in the right direction to clear the vehicle debris piled near police stations. Old scooters and cars are parked on the main parking lot and occupy the slot as well as create a ruckus that may lead to pollution and spread the virus. Now it is high time society secretaries issue notices to the owners of the vehicles and remove them within a reasonable time and space is to be cleared of all debris. It is the right time to throw the old vehicles in the automobile market for a throwaway price as a scrap.

M.R. Jayanthy

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)
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