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Letters to the Editor: Nov 01, 2018

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1) Statue of Unity or Pseudo-politics?

Prime Minister should look into the genuine suggestion of BSP Chief Mayawati for naming the statue of Sardar Patel in Hindi which has its name in English at present as the Statue of Unity. Increasing use of Hindi will make the language popular and understandable even in global countries.

It is not fair to comment that the tallest statue of the world should have been of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi rather than of well-deserving Sardar Patel. Rather it is nothing but pseudo-politics to continue political worshipping of a person who through his misused veto-power deprived people of India from Sardar Patel as the first Prime Minister and instead imposed a person as Prime Minister who through his vote-bank based pseudo-secular policies made every effort to stall re-construction of Somnath Temple. Fortunately, India at that time had its bold first President Dr. Rajendra Prasad who declined to follow the unfair direction of the then Prime Minister for not being part of installation ceremony of re-built Somnath Temple, and instead followed the principles of Sardar Patel by being a part of the re-installation-ceremony of the Temple.

– Madhu Agrawal


2) Money-minting anti-consumer tactics of GoAir

I travelled on October 29, 2018, by GoAir (flight-number 145) from Delhi to Ranchi with seat-number 6A and PNR-number DE164B having a pre-booked meal. I was offered to choose from four options where I opted for a combo of Popcorn-Lays-Juice. But the flight-staff expressed inability to deliver the same as Popcorn was not available, desiring me to choose from other available options none of which were acceptable to me. I requested to change unavailable Popcorn with Cashew Nut which both had the same price of Rs 150. But the flight-head Kurush refused to do so showing me the menu-card where, in very tiny letters, it was written -Terms and conditions apply, Subject to Availability! It is very usual tactic to avoid the responsibility of all anti-consumer bodies to save them from legal technicalities. There was no complaint-book to lodge a complaint.

It is also noteworthy that GoAir menu-card offers even packaged food-items at highly exorbitant list-price than available in the market like Paper Boat and Aerated Beverages which are priced at Rs 100 each. I then cancelled my return-flight from Ranchi to Delhi by GoAir on October 30, 2018.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Department of Consumer Affairs should take action against GoAir and arrange adequate compensation in addition of food-cost for not being able to deliver the goods even though it was charged with the ticket cost. It should be ensured that all packaged food-items in all domestic flights may be sold on normal market-price rather than the exorbitant price printed on items, especially for airliners.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


3) Does anybody care?

Once a Delhi Chest Surgeon said that 90 per cent of the lung cancer patients are those who are addicted to smoking. But now, 30 years later, 60 per cent of those patients, who are not smoking, are suffering from air pollution. Doctors say that polluted air is causing diseases like asthma to cancer. Does anyone have any attention to air pollution? There is a need to bring awareness in people. Air pollution is a major problem and the government needs to inform its citizens about the consequences of it.

– Ateequr Rahman Alqasmi


4) One more disheartening Maoist’s attack

It was heartbreaking to read about that a Doordarshan cameraperson and policemen were killed in a Maoist ambush in Dantewada district of poll-bound Chhattisgarh. It is the matter of great concerns that still we are living in fright of Maoism. When will this dream come true that Naxalism and Maoism have been eradicated from our country? Though the BJP government repeatedly pledged to exterminate the Naxalism the results are yet to be seen. How long will the innocent people give up their lives? I request the government to come forward for this most important purpose of eradication of Naxalism, Terrorism, and Extremism. The people in the whole country, particularly in the Northern areas, will heave a sigh of relief and contentment after this operation.

– F.T.Mulla


5) Donald Trump in the well of criticism

Once again the US President Donald Trump has fallen in the whirlpool of widespread criticism even from his own party, after his decision to bring an executive order to end the right to the U.S. citizenship for children born in the U.S. to non-citizens. As Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives openly opposed him saying “You cannot end the birthright citizenship with an executive order.” Surely it is an attempt of Trump to interfere in the Constitution of US which may harm himself and his party too. It is quite possible that it may lead to the eruption of insurrection all over the United States because the people will never become ready to accept this amendment particularly those who believe in the Constitution.

– Mohd Faheem


6) RBI crisis is shocking for the nation

The ongoing battle between the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Centre over the central bank’s independence is not healthy for the country’s economy. Still, the entire nation was in deep shock owing to the CBI’s ongoing fighting between the top officers and now the crisis in RBI is totally unbearable for the nation. It seems that autonomy of all the top departments and agencies of the country is under threat. Some evil elements are trying to destroy all them. If this flood of objections over these upright departments is not prevented, surely it will lead the country to distractions in every aspect. I request the present government to stop interfering in independent departments of the country and must attempt to restore their pristine sanctity and trust.

– M.F.U.Tandvi


7) Satan is in every religion

There is a wolf in sheep’s clothing in every religion, including Christianity. But this should not make us go away from the Church. Just because Bishop Franco Mulakkal has done something wrong, this does not mean that all the priests and bishops are sinners. We are all weak and bound to sin. There is Satan in every religion that makes priests, Imams, and pandits sin. All we need is to pray for them so that they may walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

– Jubel D’Cruz


8) An ominous start to Shivaji Statue

It seems that sprightly mountain warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is saying no to the memorial planned for him in the midst of the Arabian Sea. Like Bombay High Oil Drilling Project, the laying of the statue is highly risky and there’s a fear of death due to drowning. The project already claimed a life as the boat capsized in the sea and caused an ominous start. Let us take up the task of building a big statue for Shivaji within the land and drop out this project for the time being as there is a high risk of drowning high seas is looming large.

– Anandambal Subbu


9) Trump unable to attend Republic Day

It is surprising to note that the US Administration has turned down the offer from the Indian counterpart’s invite to Trump as a Chief Guest for the 2019 Indian Republic Day celebrations to be held in New Delhi. As otherwise, both the leaders will miss a crucial opportunity to meet for one last time, owing to upcoming elections in both India and US which result in the change of the leadership.

The meeting with the arrival of Trump will further enable to conclude necessary negotiations initiated by the Ministries of Defense, MEA, and Commerce and Industry. The talks need to be settled urgently in India’s best interest including H1-B visa application stand-off which has hit the IT exports and overseas employment, issue of export subsidies through the newly set up Indo-US WTO dispute settlement panel and also defense and security matters through superseding the recently concluded of 2+2 dialogues.

Further, an effort should be made jointly by both India and US diplomatic patrons to establish a new full-fledged US consulate at Bengaluru. Of late, Bengaluru has witnessed a robust infusion of skilled IT professionals from many US companies based in the city. Such a move will largely benefit many professionals and students who otherwise face logistical hardships to obtain a US visa. Also, a new US consulate in Bangalore will help to promote its current activities related to cultural and educational exchange programs, as launched in other five US consulates based in India.

– Varun S.D

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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