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Letters to the Editor: Nov 22, 2018

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1) Make public probe-report of July 18, 2013

It refers to the Chief Justice of India on November 20, 2018, irked on alleged leak of response from the CBI Chief to media before it was submitted in the Apex Court, adjourning the matter for November 29, 2018. Such an important matter, due to which the whole working of premier-most investigating agency of the country is stalled, should have been given day-to-day hearing rather than adjourning it for nine long days.

It is noteworthy that no concrete action was taken on leakage of Apex Court verdict on NEET on July 18, 2013, even though it was assured by the then Chief Justice of India that the leakage would be probed. Investigating-report in that matter should be made public naming the guilty ones responsible for disrupting the highest court of the country through leakage of its verdict before being pronounced in the court.

– Subhash Chandra Agrawal


2) Take water cut in right spirit

Now the time has come to enforce water cut as a precautionary measure. This is a right step in the right direction as the water saved today will help BMC to prolong the stock for longer time and preserve it for a time of need.  We were all wondering about the sound water resources position and the corporation need not take things lightly and start enforcing the limit stipulated per person and prevent overuse of water. It is time to conserve water through rain water harvesting system and conserve water reserved for hard times ahead if any.  Presently water is up for grab and the instructions to enforce water cuts may surprise many but cut in water is essential to avoid a precarious position mid way through next year. Let us face water cut in the most practical way.

– Jayanthy Anandambal


3) Leaking of private photos

Ever since the menace of social media commenced on exchanging photos, the chances of private photos getting leaked is far more than ever before. Thus, these private photos are becoming an open secret and mostly the females are becoming targets for exposure. The recent case of Akshara Hassan is also like this.  She was exposing herself too much and now paying heavy price for the same.  This is not the first time such things are happening.  It is a sort of revenge or for that matter show of anger towards a rejected person. This is in a very bad taste and show the display of male dominance in the society. The days are not far that leaking of private photos will become a business for black- mailing ladies.

– Nickhil Krishnan


4) RBI-Govt meet

RBI’s truce with the government is on and is a cause of an unhappy moment for the Finance Ministry and the Central Bank. The momentum builds up with allegations and counter allegations all through the rough period of our economy. Now the time has come for solving sensitive issues concerning our economy and get ahead with innovative policies to come out of the rut. For this to happen, both the sides should retreat from their positions and make an attempt at signalling compromise. Much will depend on the stance taken by RBI, particularly by Urjit Patel-adapting to Central Banks board meet and the decisions binding on that. FM should also be flexible to make the things move with a perspective on the future action plan.  It is time for reconciliation rather than pointing out each other’s mistakes. Anyway, the truce should stop for ever and better counsel should prevail till next financial year.

– Abhishek Ram


5) Costly Nomenclature

The renaming spree has many bad consequences. Firstly, it costs hundreds of crores of public exchequer unnecessarily. Secondly, in the name of history it is a veiled and ditch attempt to provoke a particular community, who feels insecure by such actions which eventually goes against their ancestors. This is irrational because how may it be justified that the Mughals were invaders as one may object Aryans themselves were invaders who overwhelmed a still more ancient civilization. The BJP government deliberately raking up Ayodhya, Sabarimala, Tipu Jayanti and other controversial issues just to derive political mileage and score brownie points, while there are many issues of national importance like farmers suicide, unemployment, corruption, poor health system, loan crisis and deteriorating law and order that are crying for their consideration. They should regard that Hindus are not dumbed down cannon fodder for them anymore. They should change their priorities, otherwise should await defeat.

– Ismail Mulla


6) Sushma Swaraj signs off

As a shrewd politician, Sushma Swaraj lived a full life and as a Minister of External Affairs, she won laurels with innumerable successful efforts to bring out the stranded people overseas to India with her concerted efforts. As the Information and Broadcasting Minister, she made a mark and she was a successful campaigner for BJP. She has decided to quit politics at the right time when people ask “Why” and not Why Not? She was the senior most in the council of ministers and her decision to quit from contesting is a rude shock. She is a prominent woman leader and is a four time Lok Sabha MP. It is her own decision and it is high time to respect her decision.

– Anandambal Subbu


7) Dissolution of Kashmir state-assembly: Right but delayed step

Dissolution of Kashmir state-assembly on November 21, 2018, just following wide-spread news of possible formation of an opportunist alliance between PDP, National Conference and Congress was a delayed step in right direction.

BJP spokesperson on media revealed that talks about such an alliance were going on in Dubai and London at the behest of Pakistan for last so many days. If this is true, then Intelligence authorities must have warned in advance to make state-governor act swiftly to dissolve the state-assembly well in advance rather than being blamed for not allowing formation of a democratically elected government at behest of BJP. However, the process of checking militancy in governor-rule must not have been derailed by allowing any anti-national alliance of which unfortunately a national party was also going to be a part.

Kashmir problem should be practically solved for ever by taking bold-most step of abolition of articles 35A and 370 of the Constitution.

– Madhu Agrawal


8) The Sabarimala Row: Right to Equality

This is regarding the Sabarimala temple row that’s taking place in Kerala since the last many months where women are not allowed to enter the temple to pray. The Catholic Church is the only place of worship where not only women but people of all faiths and communities are allowed to enter. When God created human beings in His own image and likeliness (Genesis 1: 27), why are women being discriminated from entering temples?

Isn’t it unfair and disgusting that women are treated inferior to men by some people of the Hindu community? When will men learn and treat women in par with them? Women are not sex objects and men should realise this.

– Jubel D’Cruz


(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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