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Letters to the Editor: Oct 31, 2018

Maneka Gandhi is right

The Union minister Maneka Gandhi had expressed her views in the recent past that the root cause behind rapes lies in the film and TV industry. She is 100 per cent right. In any film or TV program, the majority of the female characters are found in extremely short dresses, exposing nearly 90 per cent to 95 per cent of their bodies. This is the basic reason of any man to get provoked to commit rape even with a minor girl or a grown-up woman. The need of the hour is to ban such nasty exposures of the female body in films and the TV programs in all the languages, indiscriminately — if necessary, by the President’s ordinance to stop all the future, probable rapes. This menace should be nipped in the bud in the interest of the sexual safety of all girls and women of all age groups.

– Hansraj Bhat

Strongly Condemn

Just 8-year-old student of Madrasa Muhammad Azeem has been mob-lynched by some people in the Begumpur locality of Malviya Nagar in New Delhi last week. The incident took place when some Madrasa’s children were playing after 2 p.m. when some blackguards entered the camp and started to throw stones on the students. Somehow, Azeem became fully unconscious, after reaching the hospital, the doctors declared him dead. This is not the first such incident — every day many unbelievable incidents are happening. As the Indian citizens, we all strongly condemn this incident and request the central government to stop mob-lynching; otherwise, India will lose its identity.

– MD Sayeed Nadwi FY

Caged parrots struggling for existence

Caged birds are struggling for superiority. Proximity to power that are helping the dear ones. Corruption in Anti-Corruption department? Print and electronic media are adding fuel to the fire to the Social Media by reporting with sensational write-ups. Is it pertinent on their part to gather information and provide readers with their considered views so as not to create gossip in the social media? What a sad predicament faced! CBI entrusted with Investigation of Offences, now said to be involved in corruption; most shameful indeed – like fence eating the crop! This matter must be seriously investigated and the culprits concerned should be sacked and even denied pension benefits; betrayal of trust is the biggest crime; further, it brings disgrace to the Nation also.

– Subbu Subramaniam

(The views expressed by the author in the article are his/her own.)

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